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Youth Employment Generation Program

No description

UNDP Egypt

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Youth Employment Generation Program

For the past 4 years unemployment increased
from 9% to 13.3%
Every year, 600,000 new job seekers enter the labor market
ICT sector represents 4,3% of Egypt´s GDP
The number of ICT companies has doubled over the last 5 years
ICT sector job market grows 7% every year
ICT enhances productivity and competitiveness
ICT presents tangible opportunities
for job creation and entrepreneurship

How to use these opportunities and advantages to create employment for youth?
Bridging the gap between job-seekers skills and the requirements of labor market
Technical and vocational training for MSMEs: emarketing, website development, e-accounting, basic IT skills
Distance education: building human capital in remotes areas through www.kayanak.net
Enhancing employability and promoting entrepreneurship
1,852 young entrepreneurs have already completed the IT and business training
320 MSMEs trained using the e-learning system
Increasing internship opportunities for youth to widen their job chances
234 internships in private companies and other institutions
Promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment
Tomouh competition aims to motivate youth to start their small projects
Providing training to the best projects
137 entrepreneurs were trained on business planning, management and IT skills

Strengthening the capacities of Civil Society Organizations in IT skills and training
125 cadres of trainers (ToT) in 19 NGOs are currently training youth on business administration and IT skills

In Egypt, unemployment disproportionately affects youth
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