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My Teaching Philosophy

No description

Paul Chanan

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of My Teaching Philosophy

I will have a balanced approach for learning
Varied sizes of student groupings
Homogenous and heterogeneous groups
Switching roles within groups
The Gift of Teaching:
How to let my students spread their wings...

I will ensure that my students thrive
Develop trusting relationships
Get to really know my students
Show the common purpose between teacher and student
Prove that I care about them as students and as people
I will foster a team concept
Motivate students to achieve as individuals AND as a group
Draw the connection between group goals and individual outcomes
Who benefits when we reach group goals?
We all do. This is the "sweet-spot," where what is good for the class as a whole is equally good for each student!!!
My classroom community
Ethnically diverse
Linguistically diverse
Socio-culturally diverse
Differences valued and

Challenges embraced
I will encourage my students to be life-long learners
Provide optimal learning environment
Ensure students feel safe, supported, and cared for
Cultivate students' strengths
Fill in gaps where students are struggling
Challenge students, but respect differences and multiple intelligences
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