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Persuasive Writing Workshop #8

SpringBoard Writing Workshop #8

C. Teague

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing Workshop #8

Reviewing AP Style Responses for Examples of Effective Persuasive Writing Techniques Writing Workshop #8 Review With your group review (finish) discussing the deconstruction of the prompt on page 55.
Complete number 1 on pg. 55:
What is the task demanded by the prompt?
Once you have completed that step take out the handout you picked up today. (This will end up going in your writing workshop section) Identify! With your team you will read each response & will identify the: thesis, problem, opposing position, & solution in the AP responses handout.

As a team you will work together to identify, but each designated person will highlight/complete the task:

P1=Thesis: highlight the thesis in YELLOW
P2=Problem: highlight the problem in PINK
P3=Opposing Position: highlight in GREEN
P4=Solution: highlight in PURPLE
P5=Timekeeper: Keep the group on task and on time. You may also share in the responsibilities. You also can begin to think about a score for each response as the team reads through the responses. What's in a score?! If you were to give each response an FCAT score, what would you score it?!

With your group, revisit your FCAT scoring guide in your FCAT section & discuss as a team, what score you would give each response. You also need to write a brief sentence (or two) as to WHY you gave that response that score. :)
Focus Question What details must be present within a persuasive writing piece? How do those details & "pieces" make the writing effective? How do you know?
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