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NCC Submission

Presentation for Council Annual Plan Submission

Barbara Graves

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of NCC Submission

Safe at the Top International Safer Communities Nelson Tasman Community Outcomes KIND, HEALTHY PEOPLE
We are part of a welcoming, safe, inclusive and healthy Community
Council Priorities Putting Nelson’s regional identity on the radar Working with the Community Council involvement Profiling the city Death in the afternoon Tragic waste of life
Five people killed in three crashes Death leads to call for safety focus Racism rife in Nelson region Governance (Talking Heads)
Road Safety Coordinator
Previous funding
Speak Out Nelson Tasman

City violence horrifies mayor World Cup fever hits two years early Safety first, please Free smoke alarms offer Nelson touted as cycle Mecca Race Unity crowd the biggest yet Council is the only organisation in Nelson with overall
responsibility for the wellbeing of Nelson residents. Under the
Local Government Act, Council’s purpose is to enhance the
overall wellbeing of the people in this area.
Good working relationships are the key to all these joint
programmes and projects that implement Community Outcomes.
Vision Current work Request Safer workplaces
Safety Outdoors
Racism and new communities
Alcohol related harm
Road Safety
Home safety
Family Violence
$5000 to support process Organisational commitment to Safe at the Top ACC claims $46.7 million in Nelson/Tasman in 2007/08 Injury burden $2.7m construction $5m home accidents $7m road accidents Our community, leading the way to safety.
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