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My Family

No description

Mr. Stack

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of My Family

The End
Now I bet you are tired of reading and you are hoping you can just quickly get through these lasts lines to get back to your life. Well just to make you happy I will now say...... HA HA HA. You really fell for that! O.K I'll hurry up and on the count of three I will end this story. 1 2 THE END. HEY DID YOU JUST WRITE THAT!!!!!!!!Oh well I guess I diserved it and now I will say for real this time THE END!!!!
My pets
I have two pets and there names are Bella and Candy. Bella is a dog and Candy is a cat. Bella stays upstairs with four of my brothers and I while Candy stays downstairs with my sister and one of my brothers.
All About Me
My name is Makenna and I am ten years old. I am a triplet with Andrew and Samuel and our birthday is on St. Patrick's Day. My best friends are Mary,Joey,Skylar, and Kaitlyn. I am in fifth grade and my teacher is Mrs.Warakomski. I have brown hair,hazil eyes, and I wear glasses. My favorite color is pink and I love horses.
My Sister
I have one sister and her name is Tyler. Tyler is sixteen and she is in grade 11. She has blonde hair,blue eyes, and she wears glasses or sometimes contact lenses.
My Parents
My mom's name is Wendi and my dad's name ia Christopher. My mom has brown hair and she wears glasses. My dad has grayish,black hair and he also wears glasses.
My Family
My brothers
I have five brothers and their names are Kenyon,Samuel,Andrew,Holden,and Matthew. Kenyon is 18 and he is turning 19 in only a couple more days. Samuel is 10 and he is one of the triplets. Andrew is also 10 and he is another one of the triplets. Holden is 8 and he is in third grade. Matthew is 6 and he is the youngest.
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