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Analyzing the CDP Needs Assessment (May 2013)

This presentation is designed to provide a visual aid/summary of the information and data collected in the CDP needs assessment (distributed to Classified NBU staff members at Ohio University).

Catherine Russell

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Analyzing the CDP Needs Assessment (May 2013)

Analyzing the CDP Needs Assessment
Who We Are
Why Training & Education Matter To Us
Our Preferred Learning Style
What We Need From Supervisors & Classified Senate
What We Want To Learn
Outreach & Opportunity Awareness Channels
Keep us

What We Need From Training & The CDP
“To prepare employees for the next level of advancement.”
“Ongoing training opportunities.”
“Education for
No. 1 reason for lack of participation:
"Topics that would help me are not offered."
No. 2 reason for lack of participation:
"Do not have coverage during work hours/
times offered
are not convenient."
No. 3 reason for lack of participation:
"Locations offered are
not convenient."
"[T]o be challenged;
to keep up with changing
software applications;
to help me continue to be
a valued member
of the work team."
"We are an institution of higher learning so we all should try
to take advantage of any opportunity to better
ourselves and the university."
"The world, our environment
and our jobs change frequently
we cannot be "stuck";
we must keep our minds fresh,
updated and continue
to bring in new ideas!"
A Few Important Numbers
Percent of respondents who feel that completed programs had an effect on present job skills.
Percent of respondents who would participate during work hours if their desired professional development/ continuing education program was offered.
Percent of respondents who feel their training and skill development needs are NOT being met.
Percent of respondents who feel ongoing training opportunities are important.
Current Education
Who We Supervise
Where We Work
Number of Respondents
Number of Respondents
Number of Respondents
...Top Requests:
Support Needed from Classified Senate
Employer-Provided Support
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