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Lucy the Giant

No description

Heather Baine

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Lucy the Giant

Lucy the Giant Project by: Heather Baine Lucy the Giant
By: Sherri L. Smith Lucy the Giant is about a 15 year old girl in high school, who gets made fun of about her weight and height. She lives with her alcoholic dad, in Sitka, Alaska. Lucy's mom left her at a young age and her dad is never there for her, so she does not have good parent figures. Lucy would always have to pick her dad up at the local bars because he would frequently pass out. One day when she was getting her usual breakfast at McDonald's, a stray dog kept following her. Lucy named the dog Santa Barbara (Bar for short) and they became best friends. As the story progressed, Bar was really sick and she needed to be seen by a vet. Since Lucy is very poor, she has to figure out a way to get money to bring Bar to the vet because it would cost $50. She stole her dad's maxed out credit card and had to carry Bar all the way to the vet hospital, in the freezing cold snow. When they got there, Bar unfortunately passed away when Lucy gave her to the vet. Lucy then was very sad and didn't want to stay in Sitka anymore. She found herself on a plane ride to Kodiak, Alaska, when she gets mistaken for an adult, looking for work. She then starts her new life by telling everyone she is an adult and that her name is Barbara. Lucy ends up on a crabbing ship where she finally feels at home. Summary Main Characters Personification: "The crab pots have frozen into glaciers of groaning ice and metal." (99) Literary Devices "A tear spills over my lower eyelid and runs in a hot track down my cheek. I shrug it off. I couldn't bear the pity look from Geneva." (199) Significant Passage Lucy Lucy is a 15 year old girl who lives in Alaska. She gets made fun of about her height and weight, that's the reason why she got the name "Lucy the giant." Over all Lucy is a very quiet and smart girl. Her only real friends are Bar and Sheila. Lucy is very responsible for her age because she has to take care of her alcoholic dad. Joe Joe is Lucy's dad. He is very irresponsible and insincere. He doesn't have a great relationship with Lucy because of his drinking problems. Joe is always at bars and never spending time or talking to Lucy. He is very messy and Lucy always has to clean up after him. He doesn't appreciate how much Lucy takes care of him. Geneva Geneva is part of the Miranda Lee crew. She becomes close to Lucy and is a very sweet person. Geneva is the first one to welcome Lucy to the crew and show her around. Harley Tracer Lucy Kodiak, Alaska Simile: "That wink hits me like a warm flood of happiness." (169) Simile: "I can see my future, bright and clean, like the icy waters around me." (173) Foreshadowing: "But when I turn around , I see that same stray dog from this morning." (17) Imagery: "It's something to see on a clear day, with the sailboats and light bouncing off the water. It can make you catch your breath. Now, with the sun still behind the mountains, Mount Edgecumbe practically glows, its snowy head bowed to the water." (8) Harley is the captain on the Miranda Lee. He represents a father figure to Lucy. At first he is very shy but once he gets to know Lucy more, he opens up to her. Tracer is another member of the crew. When Lucy first joins the Miranda Lee, Tracer doesn't like her because she beat him in a drinking contest. Ever since then, he has held a grudge against her. Even though Tracer is a hard worker when it comes to crabbing, he is very irresponsible because he gets drunk and shows up late for work. In the end of the book, Tracer is the first one to find out that Lucy is really a 15 year old teenager. Lucy is the main character of this book. She becomes very lonely once her dog Bar dies. She feels like there is nothing left for her in Sitka, Alaska, so she unexpectedly came to Kodiak, Alaska on a plane. She started a new life and ends up on a crabbing ship. All of the crew think she is an adult and that her name is Barbara. At first it was tough for Lucy because it was a lot of hard work to be a crabber. Once she got settled in, she felt that the Miranda Lee was her real home. The reason why Lucy enjoys being part of the Miranda Lee is because that no body knows her as "Lucy the giant" but just as Barbara, the adult. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends. I think it is a very unique story and I enjoyed how the author wrote it. I think Sherri Smith is a great writer. She describes the character's situation very detailed and uses a lot of imagery. Her writing is very interesting and clear to follow.
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