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No description

Daniel Macario

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of CEO

Daniel Macario
Bachelor in Software Engineering
Master in Business and Administration
Research Executive
Catherine Amyot
Bachelor in Materials Engineering
Master in Energy Systems
Omar Abdel Magied
Bachelor in Economics
Master in Business and Finance
Chief of R&D
Dr. Ata Saeed
Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
PhD in Physics
Marketing Executive
Peter Soligo
Bachelor in Civil Engineering
Masters in Business and Administration
Intellux Ltd.
Created in 1994
Funded by the Start up Incubator Y-Combinator
Today an international Corporation
300 Employees
3 main headquarters: Montreal, Berlin, Los Angeles
To provide the world with a sustainable alternative for the illumination of institutions and Corporate environments.
We value:

Sustainable Products
Green Production lines
Our products are manufactured and assembled in Montreal
Recyclable materials
Simplicity and minimalism

Internationally recognized by
What do we bring into the market?
Green, Sustainable, efficient light bulbs
Product lines
Super-efficient LED bulbs
Infra-Red Sensors (IRS)
Ambient light Sensors (ALS)
Our latest product
Why are we here today?

Business proposal to install the Intellux Bulb at the Gelber Law Library. First time it will be put into a real institution.
Why the Gelber Law Library?

Presence of many light bulb fixtures
Dynamic environment open days on end.
Replacing bulbs is expensive!
What are we replacing with this product?
In other words,
What are the alternatives?
Light Emitting Diode Illumination (LED)

Facts about LEDs
Solid State Lightning.
Light is emitted from a piece of solid matter with special electrical properties.
More efficient than incandescent light bulbs.
Reduce power consumption.
Minimum heat production.
Longer lifespan.
High initial cost
Light trapped - > Dimmer
Ineffective if used alone
Used for
LED bulb
Motion/IR Sensor
ALS Sensor
Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR):
PIR sensors detect a temperature difference in the form of IR radiation emitted from Humans.
Pyroelectric sensor detects levels of IR
Output is triggered by a combination of temperature change and motion

One of the most efficient smart lighting technologies present
Generate no outward signal in the surrounding area
Low power consumption
Ideal for Battery power
High reliability
Susceptible to “dead spots”
Reliability with moisture and humidity
Installation and calibration are costly
Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
PIR sensors detect a temperature difference in the form of IR radiation emitted from Humans.
Pyroelectric sensor detects levels of IR
Output is triggered by a combination of temperature change and motion

ALS measure the intensity of light hitting the surface of the sensor so that the light bulb can be dimmed depending on the different conditions
Smart technology design
High power efficiency
Low power consumption
Installation and calibration are costly
Installation is complicated
Regular maintenance

Based on data obtained from the McGill Office of sustainability 350 incandescent bulbs could be replaced with the Intellux light bulb.
In light of this information, the total cost of the investment would be of $14,175; meaning that each bulb would cost 40.5$.
How much is it going to cost?
Production Qualities
Assembled at our facilities, in the Montreal Technoparc.
Green production values in every aspect of the production line, from the acquisition of materials to the assembly of the final product.
Recyclable material: Aluminum, Copper, glass, bio polymers.
No mercury our toxic substances commonly found in L8 bulbs.
Proper waste management.
High quality.
Investment return
LED bulbs have a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours; One of our bulbs lasts longer the equivalent of 20 standard sized incandescent bulbs.
This investment will repay itself in terms of energy savings in less than a year, given that our bulbs consume 40% less power than any other alternative.
Bulb replacement problem due to heights will be eliminated.
The Intellux Light Bulb
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
3 technologies. 1 solution.
Our patented GreenLX LED bulb, which offers a lifespan of over 50000 hours.
A PIR sensor that combines motion and temperature sensing technologies.
A photoresistive ALS which individually controls the light intensity of each bulb.

Dec 2007: McGill announced a 12% reduction in the intensity of energy consumption plan
Target date: 2010-2011
10M investement
5.66% reduction relative to 2002-2003
2009-2010 energy cost exceeded 19M

Release of McGill’s Energy Management plan – 2010 to 2015
Five major components:
Light Retrofit Program
Consumption of electricity
Replacement of inefficient lighting

New Plan
- Not the highest consumer in energy
- Easiest to address
- Shortest payback periods

Summary of Functionality
Dim lights based on how much ambient light is present in a given room.
Turn off lights in unoccupied areas of a given room.
Keep lights off when rooms are empty
Smart lighting - it thinks.

McGill’s energy management information system (EMIS)
Five purposes
Identification of potential energy saving opportunities
McGill is seeking for new and innovative technologies to become greener
Lighting solutions already provided and sold by Intellux Ltd.

- Introducing a new and innovative light bulb that includes all three lighting solutions discussed

- Breakthrough in lighting efficiency

- Reduction of energy consumption

Targeting McGill’s Law library
350 light bulbs
Run 24/7
Still in the midst of the program

- The most innovative technology available in the market.

Previous Experiences
44 Libraries remodeled with motion sensors
and LED bulbs.

Main building lighting redesigned with LED bulbs and ambient light sensors. Energy consumption reduced by 35%
Ikea Stores in Quebec. Incandescent bulbs replaced with LED alternative. 30% reduction in energy consumption
Reduce energy costs
Reduce energy consumption
Render study area more comfortable
Cooler area
Less strenous on the eyes
Other Technologies
T8 tubes
Incandescent bulbs
Fluorescent bulbs
Our solution will adapt to your context.
No installation required.
You will have a greener institution.
40% overall reduction in energy consumption.
It will benefit the students.
First customer to receive the Intellux bulb smart lighting package.

Bulb Calibration
Alternate setting: standby mode
Eye Candy
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