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Scott West

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of prezzitation

The Eagle Alfred Tennyson has set this poem out into two stanzas, the first one is to show how the eagle is waiting stealthily for a glimpse of food. the second stanza is focused on the eagles world and nature, it is telling us how the eagle is getting prepared to soar in the sky possibly to catch his prey. In stanza one i know the eagle is waiting because the poet says "he stands" i think the eagle is waiting for something to happen on a azure day. i also know the eagle is getting prepared in stanza two because the quote "he watches from his mountain walls" suggests he is preparing to swoop. it makes the reader fells sorry the eagle as it has no-one to be with however i think it is trying to say an emotional message!! This poem is about a lonely eagle waiting for its prey it dives down to grab it, i know this because the poet uses "and like a thunder bolt he falls." It shows he is trying to compare the force and the speed of the eagle and the thunder bolt. The poet is also saying how the thunder bolt is one of the most destructive things in the world and so is the eagle as it is near the top of the food chain. what is the poem about?? form: language: the language used in this poem is simple and descriptive and uses personification to show how the eagle is like a human in more way than one. this happens with the quote "he clasps the crag with crooked hands." It is referring to the eagle's claws but could mean a strong person with strong hands. it is making a comparison between laws and hands. The poet has used imagery to show how high and free an eagle can be, the poet has also used the senses sight and sound so you can imagine them. For sight the phrases are "close to the sun", "azure world", "wrinkled sea" and "mountain walls." The person reading this can really imagine what it would look like from up high. the only sound phrase is "lonely land." When you imagine something to be lonely you think of the words quiet and silent. It is referring a bird so up high it seems closer o the sun than it is to the ground. Imagery:
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