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Rainier Valley Online Market

No description

Sarah Dillon

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Rainier Valley Online Market

Successful Employee
Rainier Valley Online Market
Building relationships with 4-H, Washington state Farmers and Dairy Workers.
Final hiring decision made by HRM, Dept. Head, and President.
Mission and Core Values
Rainier Valley Online Market
Mission: To improve lives by supporting our community with access to locally grown, natural, and healthy foods and products.
Vision Statement: Community Roots; Locally Cultivated.
Diversity and Multiculturalism
Rainier Valley Online Market's Multiculturalism and Diversity Statement:

Rainier Valley Online Market vows to go beyond EEOC requirements by creating a diverse workforce who will support and uphold our mission and values.
Recruitment and Selection
Rainier Valley Online Market
Founded in 2014
Owners: Kristin Jensen, Andrea Mower, Sarah Oliver, and Jessica Pace
All the benefits a local farmer's market - online!
Rainier Valley Online Market
Annual performance plans for all employees, including interim reviews and adjustments
360 input from internal and external sources
Quarterly peer achievement awards
Ben & Jerry's
Founded in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield
Acquired by Unilever in 2000
Still operated under original mission
Whole Foods
Founded in 1980
Started as a merger between two smaller natural foods stores
International chain grocery store
Whole Foods
Mission statement: no mission statement, shown through their core values.
Core values: Reflect what is truly important to Whole Foods; underpinning of company culture.
Ben & Jerry's
Mission statement includes core values;
Product Mission: To make fantastic ice cream.
Economic Mission: Manage company for sustainable financial growth.
Social Mission: Use the company to make the world a better place.
Whole Foods
Uses a 2/3 approval voting system
Hiring is done at the store/facility level
Utilitizes the group interview process
Ben & Jerry's
Application process through Unilever
Compensation and Benefits
Rainier Valley Online Market
Competitive pay and benefits; hourly for entry level and salary for management
Annual COLAs, based on Lewis County
Health insurance, matched 401k, PTO, FMLA, and mandated benefitts
Whole Foods
High hourly rate of pay; CEO's earn 19% more
Health insurance, PTO, in-store discounts, stock options, "gainsharing"
Ben & Jerry's
Houly pay based on cost of living in VT
Bonuses, health insurance, matched 401K
Retention and Motivation
Training and Development
Working With Unions
Safety and Health
International Human Resource Management
Managing Employee Performance and Employee Assessments
Rainier Valley Online Market
Weekly "Coffee & Catch-UP"
Bi-monthly all-staff meetings
Spring Bloom and Fall Harvest stakeholder gatherings
Whole Foods
Committed to communicating frequently, openly, and compassionately
Align communication with core values
Ben & Jerry's
Open system of communications which improve employee's lives
Whole Foods
Declaration of Interdependence
360 degree reviews at all levels
Ben & Jerry's
Career and development training programs
Employee recognition awards
360 evaluations; employees evaluate supervisors
Rainier Valley Online Market
Aiming to go beyond unions by employing few staff
Offer comprehensive benefits including health benefits, holiday pay, and paid time off
Whole Foods and Ben & Jerry's are not currently supporting union workers; however, they do not encourage employees not to unionize.
Rainier Valley Online Market
FDA tested products
Certified organic products
Encourage vendors to utilize appropriate safety measures
Whole Foods
Product recall database
Instructions for proper handling and preperation
Ben & Jerry's
Accident investigations
Employee safety inspections
Food safety measures
Rainier Valley Online Market
Local business
Community emphasis
Small area of operation
Whole Foods
Thousands of global locations
Expanded outside of the U.S. to the U.K.
Ben & Jerry's
Bought by Unilever in 2000
Globally influental
Rainier Valley Online Market
Empower employees to volunteer time or allow company to donate on their behalf
Employee recognition program
Partnerships with fitness facilities, 15% discount for online ordering, on-site child care
Whole Foods
16 years on Fortune Magazine's Best 100 List
Empower employees and support their goals
Academy for Conscious Leadership
5% Days to give back to the community
Ben & Jerry's
Employee recognition program
Partnership with fitness facilities, on-site daycare, hybrid car-purchase incentive
Community Action Grants
Rainier Valley Online Market
Believe in and support our employees
In-person, OTJ, and online training
Meeting vendors in person
Mentorship program
Whole Foods
Initial and ongoing training for all employees
Career development training
WFM-U and Academy of Conscious Leadership
Ben & Jerry's
Employee training at Scoop U
Franchisee training
In-depth career development training
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