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TBDHU Youth Action Planning Framework

TBDHU Youth Action Planning Framework - To be used by a facilitator to help in group action planning. Contact the TBDHU to schedule an action planning workshop with your youth team. 807-625-8306

Elizabeth Kreitner

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of TBDHU Youth Action Planning Framework

Sticky Notes (1/2 pack per person)
Whiteboard / Banner paper
Fine tip markers / Pens (1 per person)
Camera or paper for Note-taker
Task List handout (or blank paper) to record task responsibilities
Action Planning Handout
Who is going to do what?

Write people's names on stickies for tasks they are responsible for.

Also, everyone record on a task sheet or blank paper what you're responsible for.

1 person should also have a master copy of what everyone is responsible for!
Time to sort those ideas out.

Draw a line on the board or banner paper.

Start by putting the tasks in order, removing duplicate tasks as you go, or adding new tasks that you think of.

Assign dates after you've put things in chronological order. It will look something like this:

Youth Action Planning
Thank you!
Set The Group Agreements
Who can use this
Kellie Milani

Goals and Objectives
No Wrong Answers!

What do we care about? What is our issue?

This can be BIG ideas like "racism", or more specific like "we want people to not smoke next to the school play structure"

Write one idea per sticky and stick them on the board.

3 min
Check back - Is this SMART?
Adapt this to your own group needs
Make it make sense for you
Consider your Action Plan a working document
Ask Questions

– focused on a targeted issue

– can identify specific ways it is successful

– within our capacity to complete

– the activity will address the greater issue

– limited to a specific time-frame

Adapted from:
Doran, G. T. (1981). There's a S.M.A.R.T. way to write management's goals and objectives. Management Review, Volume 70, Issue 11(AMA FORUM), pp. 35–36.
Anyone! Especially:

Youth Organizations

Youth leaders

Teacher Facilitators

Write Your Goals and Objectives
Mid Oct
Nov 20
End of Dec
Dec 1
Oct 1
Sept 15
Talk to Mrs. Henderson about reserving a cafeteria table


Contact TBDHU to partner on event
Event Day
Send Media Release
Submit Proposal to Admin
Write on the board a list of agreements for the action planning session
- Respect each other
- Positive attitude
- Listen to others
- Right to pass
- Have fun
Who is there in the community that can help us?

Consider: teachers, parents, community organizations, existing campaigns, etc.

Stickies or Discussion

5 min
Spread Out!

You will need room to do this activity.

Use LOTS of Sticky Notes

Use LOTS of Space to see your ideas.

Lets Get Started!

This is a statement that describes the change that you'd like to see. Be Specific!

The SPECIFIC things that you will do to achieve your goal.

No Wrong Answers!

What do you love to do? What are your passions?

Write one idea per sticky and stick them on the board.

3 min
15 min

Keep in mind: Is it SMART?
What needs to happen to make your idea happen?

Think SMALL. Don't worry about repeat ideas right now, just get the tasks on stickies.

Call Liz
Get Brochures
from closet
Write Media
5 min
Put the Passions and the Problems together - Pick a sticky note from each side and see how you can use something you love to do to address a problem.

Be Creative!


Hiking + Litter

I'm going to organize a hike to clean up litter on the trails

10 min
(Group Discussion to pick and refine)

15 min
Make sure someone writes this down or takes a picture of your timeline!
15 min

We would like to raise awareness to 150 people about T-bay's Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces by-law so more people know about the by-law, and tobacco use becomes less common in these spaces. We will do this by running a public awareness event at Marina Park in 1 month.

We will achieve our goal by attracting people to the event with:
- Media releases
- Table with information and SWAG
- Green morph suits
- Big Tobacco Carnival Games
- Pay it forward SFOS cards
Is it SMART?

Note Taker

Time Keeper

Energy Monitor
What resources exist in your community to help you achieve your plan?

Think about:
- People
- Knowledge
- Skills
- Experience
- Equipment
- Funds
- Spaces

Stickies or Discussion

5 min
Barriers and Obstacles
Why is it important to identify barriers and obstacles?

So we're prepared.

Brainstorm possible barriers and possible solutions.

Note: not all barriers will have solutions, that's ok! As long as we're aware!
Stickies or Discussion
5 min
The Need
Why is this important?
This is a values statement that describes WHY you want to take action.

How is this relevant to your group or community?
5 min
Start by writing some key words or phrases on sticky-notes.
Group discussion to create Need Statements
10 min
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