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My Personal Life Map

Religion project for Mr. Wolf's Christian Ethics class.

Kaity Verrett

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of My Personal Life Map

My Journey
on the
Path of Life Kaity Verrett Places Events Moved to My House First Allergic Reaction Grade Eight Grad The Theater Resurrection Parish Miller My Mom Jen Verrett My Dad People My mom is very important to me because she will never
leave me. She loves and supports everything I do. My mom is probably the most respectful person I know. She has raised me in such a good manor and is my inspiration. Whenever I have a problem, I can talk to her no matter what. My dad is so important to me because he adds humor
to our family. He's the one that plans all of the vacations and holidays we go on. My dad is determined to always make sure we're all happy. He will do anything for us and supports me 100%. Jen, my sister, is my best friend. We're so close
in age that we can tell each other anything. She
helps me with any of my problems, such as
homework, and keeps my secrets. Jen is very
funny and a smart, caring person to everyone. This high school has truly changed who I am as a person.
Here, I've met so many new friends that I now can't imagine living without. This is where I'm going to eventually graduate and decide a career on. I can be myself and feel like I've developed a new family. It is much better here than in elementary school. Resurrection Parish is the most important building to
me. My church is my second home. This is where I feel safe. Not only do I go there weekly for mass, but I volunteer and attend a lot of events held there. This is where my spiritual life develops and where I can feel my closest to God. My Room The most secure place in the whole world for me is my
room. Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I'll always go straight there to solve my problems independently. This is the place where I can truly think and can be comfortable. This is where I've grown up and feel like I'm myself there. In any theater, particularly Miller's, I feel welcomed. It
doesn't necessarily matter who's in it at the time if they
are actors or improvisors. I immediately feel at home when I enter through theater doors. This is where I can be myself and experience different characters. When I was only six months, we moved to the house
we are currently living in today. This place determined practically my whole life; my friends, my school, my lifestyle, etc. My house is my safe place to go to. I can't imagine where I would be right now if we hadn't moved. When I was only around three, I had my first allergic reaction when I went into my grandma's kitchen and stole a peanut butter cookie. This event not only affected me, but it affected my whole family. We all had to adjust our eating and safety habits. Although this was hard, it was an obstacle I had to overcome and still have to continue to overcome. It made me stronger and more independent. My grade eight grad was one of the best nights of my life.
This represented a transition into a new stage in all of our lives. It meant having to leave friends, but this event also made me feel so important. It was a very exciting and suspenseful time. Lopez Island Family Reunion Just a couple of summers ago, we had a Verrett
family reunion on Lopez Island, which is near Vancouver. We had an amazing time! I met so much more family than I thought I had. We went on new adventures and challenges, including kayaking and several faery rides, especially because we were practically the only ones on the island.
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