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Dale Earnhardt Sr.- A Tribute

Here is video's and pictures to go with my Biography on Dale Earnhardt Sr. Long live the Nascar Legend

Mandy Evans

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Dale Earnhardt Sr.- A Tribute

Dale Earnhardt Sr. A Tribute To A Racing Legend 1951-2001 A sad death Years of Heartbreak But the Legend lives on today Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1951-2001 The loss of a great Legend... They called him the intimidator, the man in the black number three
People would come from all over, it was him they wanted to see
Each and every Sunday they'd watch him on the track
Dedication and admiration for this driver no one ever lacked
On that fateful day, close to the final turn
Something happened that caused great concern
Even though no one thought that it was that bad
Later we heard that Junior had lost his dad
The fans were heartbroken they couldn't believe it was true
Not just family shed tears even people he never knew
Everyone will remember Daytona 500 of 2001
That's the day the life of a legend was over and done. The truth overwhelming, was it really the end?
Everyone cried in disbelief at the loss of the Great Nascar Legend.
Why, why? Was the question; why did this happen to him?
Now in Church, as I breathe slowly, I say a silent hymn,
Just for the Legend of Nascar.
Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1951- 2001 In loving honor of The Nascar Legend, Dale Earnhardt Sr.
1951-2001 The impact was tremendous. Tears were shed. Questions to God were asked. Why one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet? Why not a sour guy who only cared upon himself? No one can answer this. D,= "The winner ain't the one with the fastest car, it's the one who refused to lose."
-Dale Earnhardt Sr. Dale Earnhardt Sr's Black Chevy #3 Tears Are Shed
Questions Are Asked
A Hero Is Lost
2001 The Great Nascar Legend
Remeber the Great Nascar Legend when you watch Nascar and pray for no one else to die.
-Gary Buskirk, My Dad The Horrific Crash --->
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