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Woodland Cree project

physical, psychological, and group needs

Giulia Podda

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Woodland Cree project

Basic Needs Woodland Cree Psychological Physical The Woodland Cree ate
many different types of food such as a varity of meats,(moose) different vegetables (squash) and some grains. (rice) Homes The Woodland Cree lived
in wigwams, and sometimes
teepees. Wigwams were easy
to move, as they traveled a
lot. Clothing Everyone wore
moccasins and
rabbit skinned coats.
All of their clothes
were made from
different animals like
rabbit and buffalo. Technology Family and Clans These pictures show
families and clans working
together. :) Marriage This is the type of setting
where the Woodland
Cree people would get
married. Food Homes Clothing Technology Food These pots are made
out of buffalo stomach,
like the Siksika. They used different calls to
attract the animal. They also
imported canoes. Finally they
learned how to use bows and
arrows as young children. Family and Clans Marriage Elders and Childhood Sacred Circle Elders and Childhood These pictures show elders and children hunting. Sacred Circle The Sacred Circle
is circular and each tribe
member had a chance to
talk before decisions
were made. Group Leaders Trade Transportation Economic Roles Leaders Leaders were
chosen because
they were good at
hunting and were
able to lead in
conflict or war. Trade The Woodland Cree people mostly relied on their own resources to survive. However because they didn't have many birch trees, they imported birch bark canoes from other tribes. Transportation In the summer the Woodland
Cree people would mostly
travel by boat. In the winter
they would travel with
snowshoes to stay on top of
the snow. Economic Roles Everyone had different roles, but
they rarely did each others work.
They still did whatever was needed to do! The women gathered
sources of food. The men hunted
sources of food. By Giulia Podda and Sam McGuinness The End
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