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Personal Profile

No description

✧ Amanda ✧

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Personal Profile

Personal Profile
Great Discovery
By: Amanda Rogers
Life Map
Strengths and Areas of Improvement
Greatest Successes
Hobbies & Interests:
Alright so on to hobbies & interest. Here is a list of ways a spend spare time, topics I enjoy and other things I like.

Digital art
Traditional art
gardening/plants (nursing baby plants)
tea and coffee
collecting antiques
Okay so, hello , my name is Amanda. I'd love to give you a well thought out and beautifully organized description of myself but I fear that would only cause you fall asleep. So,I decided to type this as I would speak to give it more of a personal touch.

As already mentioned, my name is Amanda; I am fifteen years of age and was born on the twenty-sixth day of March. My parents' names are David and Tracy and my older brother is Brady. I'm the owner of one yellow lab (Sandy), one cat (Lucy), one leopard gecko (Pretzel) and four large-eyed goldfish.

As for school life, I attended the same public school for about ten years and graduated with awards for math and health. Afterward I attempted (and succeeded) to join the Centennial Arts Program for visual arts. As for friends, I tend to look for people with the same interests as me as most people do as well.
Born 26/03/1999 at Belleville General Hospital, 3 years after my brother had been born.
Evaluation of Personality Tests
Photography + Digital/Traditional Art By Me
Moved from my
house in Frankford to
Foxboro at the age of eight month
If a steel beam (six inches wide) were placed across two skyscraper, for what would you be willing to cross?
If you were an ice cream flavour, what flavour would you be?
List 10 things you love to do.
If you could spend one day in a great library studying anything you wanted, what would you study?
Choose several symbols that represent you and why.
If you could spend one hour with any person that ever live, who would it be? What questions would you ask?
Image twenty years into the future. You are surrounded by you most important people. Who are they? What are you doing?
You are stranded on a deserted island and you can only have five things on you. What are they? Why?
June 2013

Graduated from
Public School

Strengths (according to tests):
thinking about ideas
clear thinking
working hard on projects
figuring out how and why
understanding meanings
visual art (drawing, photography, etc.)
refurbishing old and ornate furniture / distressing new furniture
cooking (mainly sweets)
collecting antiques**
getting lots of sleep (you can never get too much sleep)
watching anime
being outside
The only situation in which I would cross the beam would be for my family or friends, and not for a very simple reason. For reasons such saving/helping their lives as I am not sure what other reason would make me feel overly compelled to cross it while risking my own life. I would also never to it for all of the money in the world as I am terrified of heights, have bad balance and there is possibility of death if something goes wrong
Summer of 2013

Successfully joined the CSS arts program
Areas of Improvement (according to tests):
Complicated explinations
lose focus if bored
can be impatient
too analytical
dislikes emotional outburst
may not complete a boring project
gives too much information
Being able to accomplish a task you set for yourself
{ }
I believe I would be a vanilla flavour. This is because though it seems like a generic, crowd-pleasing flavour, it can be paired with other assortments to make it more appealing and give it a more complex flavour. Also, vanilla's flavour can be altered depending on what it is paired with in order to meet the preferences of others.
In truth, I would want to study everything I could but if I had to choose, it would probably be behavioral studies and different sciences such as chemistry and biology.

I feel I could be represented using a cat, tea and an orchid as symbols. A cat could be representative of the fact that sometimes I want to be close to people but sometimes I need some time for myself and can sometimes be a little fickle about things. The tea could be representative of the notion that I can be either sweet or bitter depending on the person. Finally, the orchid could represent the fact that I don't always open up to people but with some patients and coaxing, it's not impossible as orchids can sometimes be difficult to get to bloom and require certain things to be happy.
fishing pole - the water should hold some fish for food and the materials could be used to build other things if the pole is no longer necessary
knife - can be used to fillet fish and help to construct other things ( cut branches, etc.)
a good book - nice to take your mind off of the fact that you are on a deserted island or a while to keep your sanity. Also the pages can be used to start a if needed.
compass - got to know what direction is which at the very least
map - get to know the surrounding area in case there are shipping lanes or other possible rescue options
Year 2011
Alberta Vacation
Visited my Aunt that lives in
Edmonton for her daughter's
wedding. Stayed for
approximately a week.

Visited Jasper N atonal park while we were there.
Year 2012
Mexico Vacation
during the Christmas holidays. Stayed for 11 day, coming back on Christmas day.
(photo of the resort we stayed at)
Early 2014
Foxboro Drum Corps.
I participated in a drumming band and we played several times at our own school and once in Tweed and Deseronto
Though I do not agree with all of the results I got on my personality tests, some of them held some accuracy. My colour showed my strongest areas to be purpose, health and thinking and my lowest to be time, motivation and reading, though I do not agree with that reading is my worst as academically and personalty, it is my best. My style of learning that benifits me the most is a doing learning style that allows me actually try what I am attempting to learn. My dominant or true colour is an inquiring green, meaning I am good at thinking about ideas, creating a mental picture, planning and organizing, etc. As for my ability quiz, to my surprise, I received a 100% for spatial perception,though that doesn't necessarily mean I can react to what I see in time. I also got a 84 in manual dexterity and an 81 in form perception. For my personality sorter, I got the guardian, meaning I pride myself in being dependable, hard working and helpful. Also, I should tend to be dutiful, cautious and humble. For the Understand Yourself Quiz I achieved an 81 in agreeableness, 62 in openness, 36 in conscientiousness, 25 in extroversion in 72 neuroticism. The multiple intelligences quiz left me with visual/spatial, naturalist and musical as my top three intelligences. Finally, my word preferences quiz gave me a 78 for innovative, 75 for methodical and 70 for objective, leaving me with interior designer, nursery or greenhouse worker and chemist as my top three jobs on my match list I found to be interesting
1. Consistently getting above average grades in school - I rarely get marks below 75% in almost every academic class, depending on my motivation

2. Improving my quality of art - through just the past 2 years, the style and overall quality of my art has improved drastically.

3. CSS arts program - after an awkward and nervous interview to see if I was qualified to be in the arts program I got a call saying I had been accepted.
As I am not sure who exactly I would spend the one hour with, I believe spending an hour with a version of myself from a few years ago would be interesting and beneficial. I would ask questions such as where I thought I would be at my current point in my life as to see how far I have come to achieving what was hoping a few years and and maybe remember to work on some things my past self wanted to work on that may have been forgotten.
Hopefully in twenty years, I will be surrounded by friends and family, mostly the same as I do now, maybe a few more friends. I would hope that we all still lead healthy lives and have good jobs support ourselves as well.
Five areas of strength I feel I have are being able to think in a generally clear manar and understnd my own feelings even if I don't tell others. Also being able to learn as I am able to pick up most concepts in learning very quickly and easily.
CSS Bullying Presentation

Read a poem in front of the school for bullying awareness week. The poem was not mine but I was asked to read it as the original owner was not able to for the assembly
1. I was most proud of being accepted into the arts program as I felt my ability was good enough for me to go places with it.

2. I found it hardest to perform the bully presentation as I am petrified to speak on stages or in front of crowds of people.

3. I used a basic " one-two-three-go" process as I knew I couldn't get out of it so I just had to go for it and see how good I could do it

4. Success means being able to complete something you have set out to do and complete it in a way that is satisfying and meets your expectations of yourself.
In my opinion, my areas of improvement included socialization, communication, motivation, time management and complicated explanations. As a person, it is important to be sociable to work in the public. As I am not good when it comes to talking to strangers, I could improve upon this Also my motivation for certain things is very low causing procrastination and time management problems. Finally my explanations seem to leave people with more questions than answers, which is never good.
Began attending Foxboro Public school at the age of four.

First days are scarey for everyone but luckily I had a brother to walk me to classes that was three years ahead of me
2007 Dominican Republic Vacation

Vacationed at Ocean Sands hotel for a little over a week at the beginning of winter holidays
I cannot recall many events in the past that really effected me but let's give it a shot!
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