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Copy of Walter Dean Myers Timeline

No description

Matthew Herling

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Walter Dean Myers Timeline

By Matthew Walter Dean Myers Author of "Bad boy" As a Child Childhood Almost a teenager Being a teenager Being an adult Walter was born in a large family with many sisters and brothers, and his mother died when he was very young. His father could not take care of all of them, so when his first wife wanted to take her daughters with her, it was decided she and Herbert Dean would also take Walter. Walter and his new mother, Florence Dean, were very close. Walter was closer to her than his father. He has good memories of when she would hold him on her lap and read to him. Walter was a mischievous and a curious boy. He got in a bunch of fights, broke Geraldine's watch on purpose, he disobeyed the doctor's and his parent's orders. Walter liked physical activity very much. He enjoyed playing basketball with the older kids.
When he got too big to sit on his mother's lap so she could read him stories, they would sit by the table and take turns acting the stories out. Walter didn't know he had a speech problem, because things sounded clear to him when he spoke them. But people made fun of him at school cause of it. He felt comfortable speaking to and reading to his Mom. The main reason he got in fights at school is because people laughed at him when he spoke or read aloud. He did not understand why they laughed, which made him assume it was simply to get a reaction out of him. As he got older he started to drift away from his friends, basketball etc. and get more into reading. He would hide the books he got from the library in a bag so people around him could not make fun of him for wanting to read. But, a neighbor he had told his mom that comic books were not good for him, so she banned them from the house. He found a way around that by taking the comic books from his neighbor who would throw away about 15 everyweek and hiding them under his bed. His teachers gave up on him even but he got good scores on his tests, and made him a "bad boy". His mom used to spank him for each red mark he got on his report card. One teacher, Mrs. Conway, got very mad at him and told him that he couldn't participate in any activities until his mom came to the school. Until she did, Mrs. Conway made him sit in the back of the class and gave him "classics" to read. Walter enjoyed sitting in the back of the class and decided to stay there for the rest of the year. Then he met Mr. Lasher. That teacher believed in Walter and he did very well in his class that year. But, at the end of the year, Walter tried to hitch a ride on a taxi. He injured himself very badly and when he came home, he tried to hide it. His parents found out, Walter told his dad that Mama beat him. She was shocked and did not say anything. Walter felt bad about what he did. Since that moment on, his and Mama's relationship began to crumble Walter involved himself in reading and writing more than anything. He did not play basketball much anymore and did not socialize with people. e did not attend school either. His mom and the school officials tried every which way to get him to come, but all efforts were failures. The only friend Walter actually communicated with was Frank. Walter saw Frank getting beat up in the park one day, and decided to help. They talked a lot even though they did not have a lot in common. After he missed graduation, he had a few choices. However, he decided to join the army. His father was happy but his Mama cried. Walter worked to save up enough money to buy a dream typewriter. He entrusted all his money to Mama. After he should have earned enough to buy it,Walter learned that his mom had gambled all the money away. His father wanted to make it up to him, but Walter was not yet pleased. After coming back from the army, it seems Walter was more mature. He started writing again and sent his work to publishing companies. He was denied many times, but he didn't give up. A few events happened in this period including Herbert Dean's brother dying and his father moving in for a while.
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