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A Dog Called Homeless

No description

Kaira Kanamori

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of A Dog Called Homeless

Plot Chart
About the Author
Sarah Lean lives in Dorset with her husband, brother, and dog. She was raised in Wells, Somerset and worked at many various jobs, such as a page-planner for a newspaper, a stencil-maker, a gardener, and a primary school teacher. This book was her first novel.
A Dog Called Homeless
Thank you for watching!
By Kaira Kanamori

There are many settings in the story. Two of them are Cally's houses. Unfortunately, Cally had to move out of her old house so her dad can drive to work easier. Another setting in the book is Sam's house. This setting is important because this is where Cally met Sam and learned to comunicate with him through sign language.
The main characters in the story are Cally Fisher, Sam Cooper, and Homeless. Cally is a girl that never talks and is the only one that can see her dead mother. Sam is Cally's friend that has seeing and hearing problems. He believes and trusts Cally. Homeless is a sliver-gray dog that has a strong connection with Cally's mother.
I recommend this book because it is a beautiful story between Cally and Homeless. It shows a strong bond between friends. It also shows ways to love, trust, and believe in one another. This book is an inspiration that animal lovers will adore.
By Sarah Lean
Genre: Inspirational Fiction
One day Cally saw a loving, playful Irish Wolfhound with her mother. She tried to her dad and her friends, but no one listened.
Cally's mom dies in a car accident on her dad's birthday.
Her dad finds out that the dog was truelly a gift from Cally's mom.
She gave up and stopped talking.
Cally meets Sam and he is encouraged to help Cally to get people to believe her.
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