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The Hittites

No description

Shelbi Davis

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of The Hittites

Government The Hittites Religion and mythology By Andrew Iglesias, Eveleana Barnes The Hittites The head of the Hittite state was the king, followed by the heir-apparent, although some officials exercised independent authority over various branches of the government. One of the most important of these posts in the Hittite society was that of the Gal Mesedi (Chief of the Royal Bodyguards). The Hittites were the people who ruled the central Anatolian kingdom of Hatti from c. 1900 - 800 BCE. They formed the earliest known Anatolian civilization. Hittites first appear in the historical stage as rulers of the city of Kussara in south-eastern Anatolia somewhere between Nesa (Central Turkey today),and Aleppo (Northern Syria). Hittite religion and mythology were heavily influenced by their Hattic, Mesopotamian, and Hurrian counterparts.

"Storm gods" were prominent in the Hittite pantheon. The king of Kummiya', 'King of Heaven', 'Lord of the land of Hatti'. He was chief among the gods and his symbol is the bull. He was the god of battle and victory, especially when the conflict involved a foreign power. Hittites Art  The Hittites were very skilled when it came to art. The Hittites were accomplished carvers and meddlers. They built many things like an empire,and they also built iron weapons. Even today their are some remains of animal figures they carved back in (8th cent. B.C.). Slavery  Contributions The main contribution of the Hittites would definitely have to be the discovery of iron. They had iron before any other colony did. They fought other groups with iron and then others started to fight with iron. Iron was introduced to other civilization because of Hittites. The Hittite army brought back a great number of captives they were taken from their homeland and brought to the Hittite Empire, they either fell into the ranks of slaves of different types or were settled on the land, where they became subjects of the Hittite Empire some were put to work or they made them join the army. Technology The Hittites did not have any technology because they're origin or when they existed was 14th 15th B.C. they used slaves to build there buildings and structures. They used the sun as there calender. Economy Hittites trade was very original. Such as they used carts
And wooden paddle boats to ship goods and trade. They did not use fossil fuels or anything like that. They used slaves and stuff to trade.
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