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No description

Kevin Solares

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Nintendo


Products of Nintendo
Nintendo Marketing
Policy of Nintendo
The founder of Nintendo is Fusajiro Yamauchi he was born on Nov.22 1860 and died Jan. 1940
The headquarters is located at Kyoto,Japan
The company was originally founded in 1889 to produce handmade hanafuda cards.
(Leave luck to the stars)
The start of Nintendo
The company eventually became one of the most prominent figures in today's video game industry, begin the worlds largest video game company.
The founder of nintendo retired in 1929, passing the control of the business to his son-law, serkiryo kaneda yamauchi.
An advantage for Nintendo's social media stand point is their slogans
For every console they released, there was a slogan that very console has a different slogan as a form of advertisement.
Their slogans consisted of "Now your playing with power" (NES), "SUPER Power" (SNES), PORTABLE Power (Game-Boy), "Get N or Get out" (N64), "Who are you?" (Gamecube), "Touching is good", (DS console), "Wii would like to play" (Wii), "How U will play next" (WiiU)
They usually use the left over profit from games and consoles to create future projects to make gaming more fun and pay there divisions and key executives
Mario is the main mascot
1889-1956: Card Company
The Super Nintendo-1992
Nintendo 64-1996 (Games like Super Mario 64/Donkey Kong 64
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- Released in Nov 23, 1998 (sold over 7.6 million copies)
Handhelds: Gameboys and the DS
Pokemon: 1998
Super Smash Brothers (For N64, Gamecube, Wii, and soon Wii U/ 3DS
All workers on this website are owned by Nintendo and is protected under United States.
Policy lets you know how your personal information is processed and used.

In 2013, Nintendo made a total of $6,759,818 in sales.
There was loss of income leaving it at $370.21 operating income.
There was a decrease in net income but the income still made $768.10 of income.
In total assets it has about thirteen billion.
Nintendo shares as of late have worth $102.10 which is $0.59 less that it was perviously.

No Blood is allowed in American version of games
Human Resources
Marketing Continues
Key executives
Nintendo's president since 2002, Satoru Iwata.
Satoru Iwata, Global President, Representative Director, and CEO of Nintendo of America
Shigeru Miyamoto, Senior Managing Director and Representative Director
Yoshihiro Mori, Senior Managing Director, General Manager of Corporate Analysis & Administration Division, and Representative Director
Shinji Hatano, Senior Managing Director, General Manager of Licensing Division, and Representative Director
Masaharu Matsumoto, Managing Director
Tatsumi Kimishima, Managing Director
Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo of America (NoA)
Satoru Shibata, President of Nintendo of Europe (NoE)
Job Opportunities:
- Current Open Positions

General job information:
- Game Tester
- Customer Service Representative
- Game Developer

Follow us on Twitter for all the latest job openings.

Internship Opportunities:
Nintendo of America currently does not offer any internship programs. Thank you for your interest.

Corporate Mission and Philosophy
In recent years, the net income of the company has overall dropped.
The net income in the year 2012 was at a great loss in net income.
This year has however, brought back a small growth of net income that the previous year did not.
Kevin Solares Marcos Salas
Jesus Salas Hashim Kamora
Jesus Benitez
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