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No description

Diana Gasiouk

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of psykopaint

Diana Gasiouk PsykoPaint Wizardbrush 6 different paint brush settings according to artist
easy to save and share
color settings
Effects for pictures
gallery to view and share to
can buy and then sell your creation (for extra)
super creative Features Splashup is an online photo editor where you can change or fix your images to whatever you'd like. It has all the features Photoshop does, but its online. Between Splashup and Psykopaint, i prefer psykopaint, it's much more creative for editing photos and is far easier to use than splashup Splashup FotoSketcher Livebrush is another downloadable application where you can draw or paint pictures. Its a brush tool that reacts to your gestures to make a unique graphic. The drawing turn out to look very realistic, however it doesn't have the unique feature that Psykopaint has. It has lots of features, however seems very complicated to use. Overall i would still pick Psykopaint rather than Livebrush. Livebrush What is Psykopaint? Psykopaint is an online application where you can take pictures, then paint over them to make the look like they have been painted. It uses all the same colors as the pictures, so that the painting looks as realistic to a painting as possible. Its easy to use, and the products come out really neat every time. FotoSketcher is a downloadable application where you can automatically turn your photos into paintings, drawings, and cartoons. There's 20 different styles that you can turn your picture into. Overall though, i still prefer psykopaint because its much more fun, there's more involvement, and its far more unique than FotoSketcher. http://www.psykopaint.com/ Wizardbrush 6 is another downloadable application where you can paint and handle your digital photos. There's many unique painting tools that look very real, and has filters to touch up any of your photos. Still, i prefer psykopaint because of its fun unique feature. Pros and Cons Unique
Easy to use
something new
lots of options
large gallery
ability to share hard to share
unnecessary coins
pay for features
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