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Animal Farm/Russian Revolution Timeline

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Eliana Powell

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm/Russian Revolution Timeline

1848 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish "The Communist Manifesto," which creates the idea of a socialist/communist government. 1883 Karl Marx dies in London on March 14, 1883. 1900-1917 Vladimir Lenin introduces Marxist ideas to Russia.
Old Major gathers animals in the barn to explain the fundamentals of Animalism.

Czar Nicholas II proves to be a naïve and incompetent leader through his unwillingness to adapt to Russia's rapidly changing economic and social pressures.
Farmer Jones neglects the animals. 1917 russian revolution, nick abdicated --> animals rebel, jones flees The USSR starts a brutal campaign to make the country atheist by removing the influence of all religions. Churches are demolished and thousands of people are killed.
Moses the Crow flees the farm during the rebellion in order to protect his beliefs. 1918-1923 1923 beginning of struggle between stalin and trotsky --> snowball and napoleon have different opinions 1924 Lenin dies, and his body is mummified and put on public display. Thousands of people wait in line to get a chance to see this revolutionary leader.
Old Major's skull is placed on a stump at the foot of the flagstaff, and the animals are required to solemnly file past it before starting their work day. 1929 trotsky deported --> snowball chased away by dogs 1929-1932 Propaganda figures regarding the success of the Five Year Plans are released to the public.
Napoleon fills the food bins with sand to show the neighboring farmers that the animals are prospering by themselves. 1932 starvation of millions who did not want to work for stalin --> hens starved to death when they refused to sell eggs 1933 The United States and other countries recognize the USSR as a legitimate nation.
Animal Farm is acknowledged by other farms, and trade develops. 1934 *cheka* formed --> dogs introduced 1936 Stalin conducts show trials of his opponents. The point of the trial is to present the accusation and verdict of the trial to the public as a powerful example of Stalin's authority.
When they admit to being associated with Snowball, four pigs, three hens, a goose, and a sheep are executed by Napoleon. 1939 Representatives from Germany and Russia meet to sign the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. Napoleon further establishes trade for Animal Farm, and sells firewood to Frederick. 1941 german invasion of russia --> banknotes for woodpile were forged, frederick invades animal farm 1941-1945 Germans kill 4.3 million members of the soviet military and devastate the country.
Frederick and his men blow up the windmill. 1945 treaty to divide germany --> treaty with pilkington 1937-1938 the great purge; faithful citizens who are no longer useful are removed --> instead of comfy retirement, boxer is taken to the slaughterhouse 1945 cont. The Allies have a falling-out at the end of WWI.
Farmers gather at Animal Farm (recently re-adopting the name "Manor Farm" and congratulate each other on victory, but end up accusing each other of cheating. Out of Time/Line
By Eliana Powell october revolution --> battle of the cowshed (jones returns!!!) communists seize gov --> animals take control of farm start of labor camps --> pigs make animals work harder start of industrialization (5 year plans) --> building windmill
failure of 5 year plan --> windmill destroyed by storm The Communists of Russia begin to abuse their power.
The pigs take privileges and then change commandments in order to justify their actions. "secret police" become official --> dogs help napoleon search through the private belongings of the other animals The Russians drive the Germans out of the Soviet Union.
The animals react angrily to the destruction of the windmill, and they force Frederick off of the farm. 5 year plans focused on heavy industry to the exclusion of consumer goods --> windmill finished but not used to benefit the animals pro-stalin propaganda and rewriting history --> outlaw "beasts of england" and spontaneous demos of planned patriotism religious tolerance begins --> moses returns to farm and talks about sugarcandy mountain. pigs allow him to stay even though they dont believe him Russian citizens begin to realize the full extent of Stalin's brutality.
The pigs become men, and the other animals on the farm have difficulty remembering what life was like before the rebellion. Stalin's plan for a collectivized farming policy fails, resulting in widespread famine.
Crop production on Animal Farm declines each year.
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