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How are perceptions of beauty affected by media?

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Kritika Saxena

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of How are perceptions of beauty affected by media?

How are our perceptions of beauty affected by mass media?
Portrayal of Beauty
Where do we go from here?
Her Story
Extremely high standards of beauty.
Media uses beauty and consequently, people to sell their products.
Media's portrayal of beauty affects self-image
Using real women for apparel designing
Cultural differences
Influence of culture
There exist huge differences in the ideas of beauty for the two genders
Our ideas of beauty are determined by the society we live in.

This is the reason why there are such huge cultural differences regarding ideas of beauty.
Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It's about knowing and accepting who you are.
" ~
Ellen Degeneres
An average consumer is exposed to 1500 advertisements each day.
83% of teenage girls reported reading fashion magazines for about 4.3 hours each week
How is beauty portrayed in media?
Impact on society of such representation
Media causes development of certain schema for what beauty is
Constant reinforcement of certain ideas of beauty causes development of eating disorders
Media uses language in a way that manipulates people
Media causes us to perceive beauty on a very superficial level
How is mass media really that influential?
Raven Symone: "I’m not amazed. It was kind of irritating, because I didn’t really do it to get attention. I didn’t really do it on purpose. It happened, and I don’t really like talking about it that much. I believe you should be comfortable in your skin no matter what you go through -- emotionally or whatever -- as long as you’re healthy. It was just a lot for me. I really didn’t like it."
Fixed constructs cause modification of ideas of beauty unconsciously
Media and Advertisement alters our perception of beauty
"Men account for the 25% of fairness cream use across India and the figure is growing"
If people are strong enough to not let their perception of beauty be altered because of what they see
"Perfect radiance"
Ultra-thin models usually advertise the designs
What exactly is the definition of "real women"?
"There is no real women. she is a backlash, albeit an understandable one, against the super slim ideal of the past decade plus." ~ The guardian
Utilization of Photoshop
Objectification of people
Gaining profit and capturing public interest
Increase in men's cosmetic advertisements has increased the demand for them
Changing perceptions of beauty
Advertisements have seen an almost 180 degree turn
1950s actors and actors today
mental and physical health issues

A presentation by:

Rohini Singal
Disha Kouli
Kritika Saxena

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