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Independent study

Sydney Fisher

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Baking

By: Sydd Fisher Baking My Dream The 3 Categories of Baking - Breads
- Cakes
- Pastries Presentation & Design Top 10 Things to owning a successful business Owning your own Business "Sweet Gwendolines" Ones that rise and have to be baked in pans
Rye and French breads (that have a medium rise)
Flat breads ( don't rise at all) All Types of Bread Wholemeal breads
Multigrain and Kibble bread
Rye Breads
Fruit Breads Main Ingredients in Bread:
- Enzymes
- Starch
-Yeast Three Main Breads in the world : 4 Types of Pastries Choux Pastry Filo Pastry Puff Pastry Yeasted Pastry Cakes When Baking Cakes the mixing step is the most important! Cakes fall under two Categories:
1. Cakes made with fat
2. Cakes made without fat There are 4 different methods : Combination Method
Creaming Method
The all-in Method
Whisking Method The Techniques / Tips on Baking Top 10 things you should do before you start baking: 1. pull out all ingredients and tools needed
2 bring the ingredients to room temperature
3 properly prepare cookie sheets or cake pans
4 preheat the oven
5 use liquid and dry measuring cups
6 shift dry ingredients
7 crack eggs in separate bowl
8 combine ingredients according to the recipe
9 read the recipe fully before starting
10 Use a thermometer due to oven temperature varying Tips on decorating http://www.wilton.com/technique/calla-lily-1 Example of a how to make a fondant flower Quick Little Baking Tips - Make sure you kneed fondant before dying it with a color - Remember to ice the cake or any baked goods with butter cream before placing on the fondant - To make fondant stick to fondant use a little bit of water (less is more) -when decorating with fondant it is easiest to cut out the shapes with cookie cutters first How you present and design your cake is one of the most important things rather then it tasting good. It takes years of practice to make a breath taking cake, but you can make a simple cake look amazing with just a few tips and tricks. Designing a cake is taking a thought or an idea and turning it into a creation. Some steps you should know before designing is: research ( get a picture of your idea )
Pick a theme
pick the cake flavor and the shape of the cake
pick the icing ( keep in mind the flavor of the cake , will the icing flavor go well with the flavor of the cake, also keep in mind the temperature both the cake and icing will be kept in)
Color Scheme For Example: A popcorn cake 1. Offer what people want to buy, not just what you want to sell
2. Get cash flowing immediately
3. Find ways to keep Costs low
4.Always overestimate expenses and underestimate revenues
5. Focus on Sale and Marketing
6. Find ways to increase your profits
7. Accept that learning more = earning more
8. Don't discount simply add value
9. Get a coach
10. test and measure everything when i first had thoughts of being an entrepreneur, opening my own bake shop was fairly close to the top of my list. Name : " Sweet Gwendolines" ( after my grandmother whom i use to bake with) Dream Location: Downtown Vancouver Bc What would I sell? of course i would sell all the obvious things such as : cakes, cookie and cupcakes etc. but id also like to be open for lunch and sell sandwiches&wraps with a soup of the day. What would it look like? My color scheme would be pink,blue and brown. I want it to have a vintage feel with old wooden teal tables and old display cabinets with chandeliers THE END
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