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Laconi Prezi

No description

Dawn Abron

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Laconi Prezi

Zion-Benton Public Library Relaxed Atmosphere Mini-Programs 3 Steps to Successful Programs ONE TWO THREE Pop-Culture Holidays Food! 2. Plan Polls Diary of a Wimpy Kid
30 Tweens Halloween
19Tweens Gingerbread Houses
36 Tweens Chocolate Bash
27 Tweens SpongeBob Christmas Invest in your Program Don't Have a Cut & Paste Party Build Relationships Variety Fun Food FLyers Detailed Flyers Gives a Taste of
What's Coming Creates Excitement Don't Hold Hands Hang out Presented By: Dawn Abron & Sarah Covey 3. Promote Come up with a title
or theme that peaks
their interest What do they watch on TV, what movies do they like
What are they reading? TAG Get Them in the Door Plan Promote 1. Get Them in the Door Kwiksurveys.com Google Tales from the Northside Hunger Games Program 12 Tweens Wizards of Waverly Place Program iCarly Party 25 Tweens Twilight Party 16 Tweens polldaddy.com Comic Celebration
188 Total 60 Tweens
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