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Eve's Dream

Book Five of Paradise Lost

Sarah Sweet

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Eve's Dream

Eve's Dream What happens? Adam and Eve go to sleep, and then the angels find Satan next to Eve’s ear.
Eve awakes the next morning and tells Adam of her disturbing dream Milton's Methods Uses no rhyme scheme Repetition Strange Stress Patterns “Choice of blank verse goes against the spirit of the times which saw rhyme as the highest evidence of discipline.” "now is the pleaseant time...that now awake...now reigns the Full-orbed moon" "Nor God, nor Man? Is knowledge so despised?" Line Use Stops for stress "To this high exaltation; suddenly
My guide was gone, and i, methought, sunk down.." Contradictions For reader From the text " For gods, yet able to make Gods of Men:
And why not Gods of men since good, the more
Communicated, the more abundant grows.." "Shadowy sets off the face of things; in vain" "Ascend to Heaven, by merit thine.." Foreshadowing The fall of Eve in her dream mirrors the Fall later in the book Tempted through beauty and pride "Whom to behold thee, Nature's desire?
In whose sight all things joy, with ravishment
Attracted by thy beauty still to gaze" Issues Freedom paradox When a commandment or law is put into place, it is done so knowing the law can be broken. -Bellamy Choice in actions? Reasons for dream

Adam's interpretation
Literary analysis Whose fault?
Eve versus Satan
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