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Queen's University Belfast School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Overview of the School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Queen's University of Belfast

Andrew Norton

on 29 July 2010

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Transcript of Queen's University Belfast School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Queens University Belfast
Electrical Engineering Computing Lanyon Quad Library PEC Students Union Elms Village High Tech Future Rehink the world of tomorrow School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineers and Software Developers earn
more, on average, than accountants and
Shortage of graduates in these areas.
In top 6 out of 30 degrees at QUB for
employment prospects.

What is an Engineer Breadth Electronics in our home Courses Electrical and Electronic Engineering Software and Electronic Systems Engineering BEng BC- in Mathematics & Physics / Technology
C- in any other subject
BB- in Mathematics & Chemistry / Biology
C- in any other subject
AB- in Mathematics & Physics / Technology
B- in any other subject

Other combinations are also considered Subjects Telecommunications
Computer Programming
Electric Circuits
Electric Power
Microelectronics / Semiconductors
Control Systems
Microchip Design
Virtual Reality
Intelligent Systems and Control
Why choose electrical and
electronic engineering?
Multiple job offers!
£20-£36K starting salaries - class of 2009
No. 7 in UK
Power Academy Scholarship - >£22K
Travel the world – placements and jobs

£ Scholarships
70 scholarships/year across
7 UK Universities (incl Queen’s)

Each worth > £30K

2. ESB Scholarships

3. ASIDUA Scholarship

4. Queen’s University STEM Scholarships

Apply for above once you start your course. Employment 95% employment rate

Wide range of companies

£20-£36K starting salaries Some of our graduates ‘The ICT Sector is the fastest growing industry in N Ireland’
Bring IT on What's the Ruddy Future? Computers are everywhere ... ! Courses Computer Science
Maths/CS/Physics/Chemistry/Latin/ICT/Double Award ICT
Computer Games Development
Maths/Physics A Level
Computing and Information Technology
Maths/Any Computing/Science subject
Business Information Technology
Any subjects
Computer Science
(developing software)


ICT Why choose Computing? Well paid
High demand for graduates
Travel opportunities

Queen’s – Reputation, Placements, Free
software etc.
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