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nat naree

on 28 May 2015

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Physical Violence and Verbal Abuse
1. Motivates citizens to take up arms.
Police Brutality Effects on Minorities
3. Mental and Physical Problems
Distrust with the Law Enforcement
Police brutality leads to long term emotional distress or death.
Civilians that have experienced police-perpetrated abuse will hesitate to call for police assistance in cases of civilian-on-civilian violence, fearing the cops might worsen the violence or further traumatize victims.
Not only does police brutality affect adults, but it affects everyone. For example, a grandmother's bones were broken. A pregnant woman was violently thrown to the ground. Millions of dollars were paid out to numerous victims of police brutality.
Jennifer, Paul, Nat, Mahnoosh, Peng
The Problem
What is the problem?
4. Racial Profiling
Police brutality reveals racial-profiling directly affecting minorities psychologically, mentally, and physically resulting to insecurity within civilian and police relations.
Has a huge impact on how blacks are viewed within a society.
Lowers the amount of respect and support African Americans receive from other racial groups.
Police mostly target and brutalize young black men who make up the majority of the workforce in an African American community
African American fall into poverty and eventually some even motivated to join street gangs to retaliate against injustice
5. Racial Instincts
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Never ending cycle
Police are increasingly focused to arresting and suspecting racial minorities
Leads to increasingly more arrest of minorities and more minorities convicted of crimes.
Sparks up an increase in racial stereotypes
If we give equal focus to people all ethnic groups, we see a change of statistics
Police departments must train officers into values, different from society's stereotypes
In order to resolve the problem of police brutality, investment into better and more effective police training to eliminate problems of racial prejudice in the system as well as better legal protection, representation, and education of minorities in their localities.
Effects on minorities
Youth gun violence and increased homicide rates
Fear and unrest in communities
~ as a result of riots citizens feel the need
to buy firearms
~ an expected increase in crime leads to
sale spikes
~more firearms lead to the substantial
growth of homicides
~ spur of local murder rates is evident in
local situations such as Ferguson.

~ when minorities are exposed to violence there are secondary effects
post tramatic stress
increased delinquency
desensitization to violence
~increased homicide percent
minorities most susceptible to harm in areas with inequality of representation
minorities suspected and stopped for suspicion of illegal activity by the police
victims left physically and/or mentally effected
crime control manipulated by politically powerful class as minorities are suppressed
minorities feel that in violent civilian conflict, the law enforcement will only escalate the conflict
continuing problem of police brutality means minorities lack the legal ability to respond to abuse
police should be seen as a protecting figures
2. Psychological Effects.
Police Brutality Effects on Minorities
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