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Hunting & Gathering: Venue

Internet Marketing & Branding For Musicians Fall 2012

Dorothy Soto

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Hunting & Gathering: Venue

The Echo & Echoplex Hunting & Gathering: Venue Location About Why Is This Important
For A Music Supervisor? In-Bound Links & Web Presence Web Environment Improvements Marketing Improvements 1822 w. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 in downtown Echo Park "The Echo and Echoplex venues focus on new and upcoming music, while also being attentive to older artists who have had a significant influence on music." - theecho.com The Echo and Echoplex have a reputation for booking top quality indie artists which means they are excellent spaces for finding new music. Because many of these artists are trying to establish themselves on the scene, a chance to get their music placed in film and/or television could greatly bolster their career. For the music supervisor, a venue like this keeps them current and could also mean acquiring great music at an affordable price. Theecho.com opens with a calendar page with images of concert posters/flyers and info about the show (date, time, and what ages are allowed in the show). When you click on the image, it re-directs to an info page with all of the previous information plus a brief bio of the artists/acts with links to their websites and social media sites,
a link to purchase tickets and various ways to share this information (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or add to your
iCalendar or Google Calendar. Many of the in-bound links are from indie music blogs & radio stations. The echo also has a relationship with KCRW and the radio station's website lists The Echo's upcoming events. These links reflect the the type of audiences that attend shows at the Echo and Echoplex: young, hipster crowds who crave new music and live performance.

Their web presence is very focused on sharing info about upcoming shows, bringing people into the venue, and having them spend money on small, over-priced drinks and food. That is probably where they make their most money- in the bar! One thing I noted when reviewing The Echo on Yelp and CitySearch, was that many of the customers complained about fraudulent charges on their credit cards by dishonest and rude staff. This is the first thing I would address because many of the reviewers who experienced this said they would not return. Also, the only booking info is on their Facebook page. I believe this should be a main feature of the official website.

Another complaint I found was regarding the confusion about the two venue spaces. I think the website should make a greater distinction between the two spaces by possibly creating separate pages for each space with individual calendars and links to purchase tickets. I believe The Echo & Echoplex are doing several things right. They have embraced several social media outlets that their demographic use. One thing I would suggest would be to post audience photos, videos, reviews from shows on their site and invite discussion/comments on these contributions. Two adjoining venues: "The Echo" on Sunset and "The Echoplex" on Glendale Blvd. cater to young, hipster crowd
Indie artists and DJs of various genres: rock, reggae, dub, funk, & more!
low ticket cost (avrg. $5-$30)
tickets are available through Ticketfly (because of their reduced service fee), at the door, or at the vinyl shop next door
non-professional photography is allowed
all age shows as well as 18+ and +21
serve food and alcohol The "Echo Vault" page contains several video clips of past shows and keeps track of how many views each video gets. The side of the page has a search feature, an email list sign-up, links to purchase tickets for a featured show, a Twitter feed, Facebook Friends, Spotify stream, Youtube playlists, and a just announced/featured shows lists. At the bottom left corner there is a Ticketfly widget that directs to
the"concerts near you page" of their site. There are many calls to actions on the main page including links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, Instagram, Flickr, Foursquare, and Youtube. There are also links to iCalendar and Google Calendar from the main page.
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