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Domestic Leadership Consultation

No description

ben kaufman

on 12 April 2010

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Transcript of Domestic Leadership Consultation

Domestic Leadership Consultation
for the Obama Administration

April 12, 2010 Tory Chase, Ben Kaufman, Kristen Clements, Katelin Clark, Kyle Johnson, Alex Drayson,
Jackie Koehn, Patrick McCabe, Chrissie Cordeira Your consulting team Now you know who we are... ...but who are you? "If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more, you
are a leader." - John Quincy Adams Transformational Leadership What it is and why it matters. Breakout: Identifying Transformational Leaders Make a list of 10 leaders who you'd consider transformational.
Who are they?
Why do they matter?
How are they transformational? Let's get down to business Issues for your consideration Healthcare and Social Services
in the United States Consultants: Tory and Chrissie History of healthcare Democratic Dream Oppose socialist insurance Failure and division of parties Comprehensive / Universal health care What's going on? Current Issues:
Landmark healthcare reform bill passed March 22nd
What it will do:
New competitive healthcare insurance market
Accountability over insurance industry
End discrimination with pre-existing conditions
Reduce national deficit by +$100 billion in 10 years Future Issues Follow-through and enacting in society
Republican/Democrat divide Breakout: Your ideas. Looking to the future of healthcare How to lead better Transformative Leadership
Clear, organized vision for implementation
Inspire and gain back Republican support
Pay attention to followers and maintain rapport
Rally Congress and the Nation as a whole

Leader-Member Exchange (LMX)
In group: Democrats and cabinet
Out group: Republicans
Negative hierarchial relationship How to lead more effectively Inspire a shared vision
Enable others to act
Challenge the process Our recommendations Look forward for the future of healthcare
Value perspectives and share power
Continue to model the change we all want Current Issues in Social Services Aging Population By 2030, the number of people aged 65 and older is expected to double bringing the total to 70 million.

The number of Adult Protective Services reports on the abuse, neglect and exploitation of the elderly and disabled adults has risen dramatically.

There is not enough money nor are there plentiful resources. Discussing the current vision Leadership Styles Transformational Leadership
Empower the followers with a vision
Gain their trust
Be transparent The future of social services &
our recommendations. Issues in the economy Consultants: Kyle and Alex Economic Overview Re-Domesticating and Growing Businesses Tax breaks for American factories

Tax breaks on Capital Investments Housing and Bank Crises General tax cuts First-time homebuyer tax breaks Increasing Disposable Income Household tax breaks Breakout: your ideas. Blake and Mouton's
Leadership Grid Developing trust Showing business that long term goals require a less shortsighted vision
Getting households to spend disposable income Our recommendations &
leadership styles Definition The two factor model - concern for product and for the people
A leader with great concern for product and people is the ideal in most situations Pursuing goals Fix the housing crisis
Domesticate business
Increase disposable income
Grow start-ups Transformational Leadership Innovation and progress Getting new, cost-effective solutions to industrial problems
Generating sustainable change through better organizational processes Shared Vision Valuing national needs
Businesses buying into a national vision Path-Goal Theory Industrial tax cuts The obstacle is the higher prices of domestic labor
Domestic tax cuts subsizes higher production costs
Common interests of improving the American economy will help everyone
Issues in Education Consultants: Kristen and Katelin Three important issues Higher education needs to be more affordable Breakout: Your ideas. Our recommendations & theories Transformational Leadership
Team Leadership
Path-Goal Leadership Issues in climate change & wind power Consultants: Patrick and Jackie
No Child Left Behind needs to be reformed; supporting schools that need improvements
Emphasis on early childhood education; expanding programs The issues at hand Greenhouse gas emission has been a continual problem since the Industrial Revolution
These emissions absorb and emit heat and reflect light causing harmful effects on our atmosphere
We cannot pinpoint what the exact percentage of climate change is a result of human activity, but we can clearly see that it is an ongoing contributor to the problem. Breakout: Your ideas. Climate: Our recommendations Climate Leaders Program
An industry-government partnership that helps companies develop comprehensive climate change strategies.

ENERGY STAR products

EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality Voluntary Programs
Will aim to reduce pollution and improve air quality through efficient transportation methods. Leadership Tactic Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) In-group: Support greenhouse gas reduction and then he will be able to offer them more incentives and rewards for their conservation effort
Create strong relationships with both leaders and members Out-group: Will see that the in-group has more influence over their leader because they are more willing to work with him and thus they go above and beyond
Temptation and incentives will draw the outsiders in Issues at hand with wind power Financial Problems Social Problems Federal funding for wind energy research and development (R&D) and other programs is inadequate, especially when compared with funding levels for other fuels and energy sources. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) wind program currently receives about $50 million annually, which is well below its all-time high of $63 million appropriated in Fiscal Year (FY) 1980. The NIMBY, or Not In My Back Yard, mindset of the public is a powerful deterrent and currently is being used at its full capacity. Without public support and investment, wind energy will never be a competitive energy source. Wind: Our recommendations Shared vision Obama needs to place a strong emphasis on moving the public to higher standards of moral responsibility. This includes motivating followers to transcend their own self interests for the good of the community, nation and the globe. Obama needs to make the country aware that wind energy is a moral decision because by accepting it, we are bettering our future for everyone. Issues in National Security Consultant: Ben Immigration Terrorism 3.2 million illegal immigrants
Minorities growth rate: 12x
Fast forward: 2050 Still a very real threat
Nation is a target
Code Orange Breakout: Your ideas. Path Goal & Transformational Leadership Styles Participative leader
Continuous input to make a good decision

Where it all leads
Gain input from diversified groups
Recruit the entire spectrum
Understand both sides of the issue for immigration - pro/con closing the border
A final thought. Your questions Thank you for participating.
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