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Lock and Key vs Induced Fit

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Shannon Dean

on 19 November 2016

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Transcript of Lock and Key vs Induced Fit

Lock and key hypothesis VS
induced fit theory.

Both say only one substrate will work when it meets the active site of the enzyme.
Both require an enzyme and a substrate.
Lock and Key states that there is no change needed and that only a certain type will fit. However induced fit says the active site will change to help to substrate fit.
In lock and key the active site has one single entry however in induced fit the active site is made of two components.
Lock and Key
This is the idea that only the correctly sized substrate (key) fits into the active site (key hole) of the enzyme (lock). Thus only the correctly shaped key (substrates) opens a particular lock (enzyme)
Induced Fit
This is the idea that the substrate plays a role in determining the final shape of the enzyme and that the enzyme is partially flexible. Other molecules may be too small to induce the proper alignment and therefore cannot react. Only the proper substrate is capable of inducing the proper alignment of the active site.
From this information we can now start to compare the two hypotheses to find the differences and similarities between them.

At fist look there is more evidence to support the Induced fit theory as there some issues with the working of the Lock and key hypothesis.
The following show explains both the Lock and Key Hypothesis and The Induced Fit Theory. It also then compares them as ideas.
To conclude both theories explore the use of the active site in an enzyme, and have very different approaches to its mechanical uses in this reaction.
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