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Should Public Schools Have School Uniforms

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Sarah Verduci

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Should Public Schools Have School Uniforms

Should Public Schools Have Uniforms?
Instead of shopping students study.
Bragging about expense distracts students from paying attention.
Students won`t worry about how good they look when taking a test.
Kids won't pick on others with what they are wearing.
If your clothes aren't in style, people will laugh at you (without uniforms).
Uniforms prevent gossip about people's clothes.
Helps Protect the School
Intruders wouldn't be wearing the same clothes, so you can pick them out easier.
If your school was in a "bad" area, part of your uniform could be bullet proof.
Your uniform could be made of a material that will keep you safe if you spill chemicals on yourself.
Easier for parents
Older siblings are able to pass down uniforms.
Brand clothes can be expensive.
Both parents and kids know what the kids will be wearing the next day.
Improves Test Scores
Prevents Bullying
Clothes Don't Distract the Students
Can Not Show Personalization
Students All Look Alike
Teacher's may say the wrong student did something wrong.
During emergencies, parents can't tell which child is theirs.
If there are identical twins, nobody will know which twin is which.
Students may get distracted.
Students may be allergic to the material the uniforms are made out of.
If the uniform has long sleeves, students may get hot and play around with their sleeves or buttons.
Uniforms are Uncomfortable
Students do not fight over the best clothing.
Uniforms encourage discipline.
Students will not stress on buying trendy clothing.
A girl got sent to detention for Winnie the Pooh socks.
You can not wear accessories.
You are not allowed to wear baggy clothing which might fit you better and not distract you.
By: Victoria Thompson, Sarah Verduci, DJ Johnson, Jocelyn Anderson, and Jacob Opfferman

Some Students Can Not Afford Uniforms
Poorer families may not have had expensive clothes in the first place
Richer kids may brag about where their uniform came from.
If schools have a preferred store, some people can't get to that store.
Odd One Out
Special Kinds
Some schools require collars which can be itchy and hard to find.
Schools may prefer school colors such as red or blue that may be harder to find.
It may be hard to find a shirt without a logo, which might be part of the uniform.
Our group was against uniforms
If your school does have a uniform, it is best to be organized and dress according to the uniform.
If you can, try to accessorize to personalize.
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