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No description

Alina Chiriceanu

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of MIND MAP

Dog wants to
sleep in bed
Dog sleeps on
dirty laundry
Dog is scratching its bed before going to sleep
Chewing on its
bed or blanket
Dog gets away
Bed made of indestructible material
Bed made from indestructible material

Beanbag for dogs : allows them to shape
it as they please

Water splattered
all over the floor
The owner needs to carry a bottle and a plate
The dog needs water very often if he is very active, but only drinks one bit at a time.
The water in the recipient can get too warm
Owner forgets to change the water or forgets to put water in the bowl
Dog drinks from the toilet
A bowl that catches
water around it
A bowl to which the owner
can attach a big water container
A recipient that fits in a bag and which is easy to use . Maybe something similar to a hot water bottle.
Recipient that is disposing
small portions of water
Aggression towards the owner whilst feeding
Aggression towards other pets in the house
Food getting scattered on the floor
The dog gets the food out of the bowl and eats it in some other place
The bowl is squeaking
and sliding on the floor
The dog is eating too fast
The dog is getting its ears and collar accessories in the bowl
Hair goes everywhere and the owners often groom their dogs outside
Dog doesn't stay still
and tries to bite the brush
The brush can be too
tough and hurts the dog
The brush doesn't grip the
hair very well
Dog doesn't let go of the toy after fetching
Dog looses the toy
Owner does not have enough energy to play with the dog
The dog is too excited and jumps on the owner
Dog steals other children's/dog toys.
Dogs go crazy when they see footballs spinning.
Destructive chewing
They can choke on bits of chewed toys
Dogs get bored very easily and always need new toys to keep them interested
Dog scratches car while getting in
Drooling on the seats
Dog hair left everywhere in the car
Gasping for air
Picking up
the poop
No balance and no window view for small dogs
Water must be
available on long journeys on a non-spill container
Dog eats garbage
Dog drinks water
from puddles
Dog rolls
in mud
Dog runs away an
Dog may want to be up high, especially if it is part of a 'pack', and wants to show its status
Dogs are more aggressive
on a leash
Getting tangled in the leash
The dog bites on the leash and wants to play with it
Paws freezing in the winter
Raised bed
Dog can get into a fight with other dogs
Dog may be too large to carry
Dog may not like
being picked up
Dog may scratch/bite
A toy designed to be tared apart, but doesn't make a mess or that goes back in place.
A toy that keeps the dog interested for a long time.
Owner gets covered
in dog
hair and saliva
Chewing on pressed bones makes a mess because they can't hold them in place with their paws
Toys are chewed on the sofa or bed
A product that holds the toy/bone in place
and doesn't allow the dog to chew it somewhere else
Indestructible toy
There is nothing to collect the hair that has been gathered from grooming the dog
Sound of blow dryer may distress the dog
dog may not like being put into a harness to be groomed
Dog may be scared of water

silent blow dryer?
Dog gets anxious
The carrier is too big or too small
Carrier is too tough and may hurt the dog
Difficult to clean
The carrier is too big or too small
Feeding system that dispenses more food as it is eaten
Difficult to provide a bowl of water inside the carrier
Not secure in a moving vehicle
Rabbit style water dispenser?
The dog is not comfortable , because it may not sit in a natural position
The dog may jump out at anytime if it's not well secured
Dog can defecate or urinate in the rucksack
The rucksack may not bee comfortable for
the owner.
No access to the dog if the rucksack is on their back
Dog may become defensive of owner whilst on leash
Rucksacks cannot be used for big dogs.
Dog may like to drink running water

A rucksack that would allow the owner to carry his large size dog, especially if it's injured or too old.
It could be useful during long trips or even short trips if the dog is invalid.

Dog cart?
A blanket that catches the hair, but which also makes it easy to clean it off
Dog drinks from
unknown water
Old dogs may get tired and unable to walk all the distance
Old and injured dogs may not have the balance or the ability to walk at all.
Friendly Snout
Adhesive/not slip mat under the bowl
The dog bed is sliding around on the slippery floor
Non-slip dog bed
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