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Family Child Care Application

No description

Jennifer Gonzales

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Family Child Care Application

Family Child Care Application
I Turned in my application, what's next?

Before you go any further
After your application is received
You will receive a letter that contains your 9 digit facility number and a Prelicensing Readiness Guide if there was not one included in your application.
Your application will be reviewed. If it is complete, it will be forwarded to an Analyst.
If it is incomplete you will be sent a letter stating what is missing.
No action will be taken on applications until they are complete. If they remain incomplete, they will be closed after 30 days.
Live Scan Process
Every adult living or working in the home needs to obtain a criminal background check using LIVE SCAN.
For each adult, obtain a LIC9163
Use the sample to complete the forms accurately.
IMPORTANT! #1 on the form is the person getting the LIVE SCAN. Only the person who applied for the Family Child Care Home License checks "Applicant." Other adults in the home are either "Adult Resident other than Client" or "Employee" for non resident adults.
#3 must say ONLY "Family Day Care".
#5 is the information for the person getting the LIVE SCAN.
"AKA" means other names used (such as maiden name or alias).
"DOB" means date of birth.
"HT" means height.
"WT" means weight.
"POB" means place of birth.
"SOC" means Social Security Number.
#6 MUST have your NEW FACILITY NUMBER that was on the letter you received after we received your application.
#7 is the person who applied for the Family Child Care Home License (no fictitious or business names)
There is no "mail code", leave it blank.

When the form is completed make a copy.
Contact your choice of Law Enforcement agency and make an appointment. Use this link for a list provided by the CA Attorney General

Take both copies of the LIC9163 form to the appointment.
After the LIVE SCAN
Now is the time to complete the Prelicensing Readiness Guide and turn it in if you have not already done so. This form tells the Analyst your home is ready for inspection.
The Analyst will call you WHEN ALL THE CRIMINAL RECORD CLEARANCES are complete.
You may get a letter from the DOJ about your background check. Keep it with your documents, but it ONLY means the DOJ is finished, not the FBI and Child Abuse Check.
Criminal Record Exemptions
While you are waiting...
Make a copy of your mortgage statement or tax bill if you own your home (to give to your Analyst at your visit).
If you rent, complete either the Landlord Notification LIC9151
, or Landlord Permission LIC9149
Your Analyst will need a copy if you do not include one with your application.
Obtain the Earthquake Checklist LIC9148
Now is the time to inquire about and decide if you are going to carry the $300,000 of special Child Day Care Liability Insurance, or if you are going to notify parents you are NOT insured using the LIC282
This is also a good time to have a Courtesy Inspection conducted by staff at Changing Tides Family Services.
What to Expect at your Prelicensing Visit
Some of the things we look at:
The home should to be in a clean and safe condition.
Unused electric plugs should be covered.
Heat sources should be screened.
There should be no hanging blind or curtain cords.
We'll test the smoke alarm and inspect the fire extinguisher.
We'll ask to see any fire arms and ammunition.
We'll open doors and drawers in rooms to be used by children looking for hazards.
There should be adequate toys for the children.
We'll look for possible water hazards.
Sharps and toxins should be inaccessible.
There should be locking storage for poisons.
Inaccessible rooms should have knob covers or latches.
All stairs and steps should be gated.
There should be no walkers, bouncers, jumpers, or exersaucers present.
Cribs should meet current safety standards.
Equipment should be safe and age appropriate for the proposed age of clients.
The yard should be fenced or a plan for 100% supervision needs to be in place.
There should be no sharp or toxic plants or materials in the yard.
If there is a dog, there should be a plan for separation during business hours.
If there are dogs or any other pets, they should be healthy, clean, and well cared for.
The Applicant has read and understands the Regulations.
The Applicant will be required to conduct AND document fire/disaster drills every 6 months.
Your Analyst will schedule a visit about 1 week in advance.
The first part of the visit with your Analyst will cover the "Prelicensing Packet" which contains samples of the required forms to be posted, children's records and other forms.
Your analyst will use your facility sketch to tour the parts of the home you intend to use for child care.
After the tour, your Analyst will write and print out a report which lists the needed corrections (if any).
Once corrections are made, proof can be emailed to the Analyst and the license can be granted.
The hard copy license usually arrives within a week.
If any adult in the home answered "yes" on the LIC508
, (Criminal Record Statement that was turned in with the Application) or has even a minor criminal history, a Criminal Record Exemption MUST be processed before a Prelicensing visit will be scheduled. These Exemptions are processed in Sacramento and can take a few weeks to a few months. Your Analyst can inquire about Exemptions after they have gone more than 30 days. You may receive a letter from Sacramento asking for more information.
If you don't have internet access,
click on the pages below!
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