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Alliance section 3

No description

Savannah Epstein

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Alliance section 3

Alliances United Nations NATO Warsaw Pact "An international peacekeeping organization founded in 1945 to provide security to the nations of the world" "A military alliance formed in 1955 by the Soviet Union and seven eastern European country" "The North Atlantics Treaty Oraganization a defensive military allaince formed in the 1949 by 10 western European nations, the U.S. and Canada" Differences between U.N. and L.o.N. U.N. wanted to provide security
L.o.N. wanted to keep peace
U.N. had a peacekeeping organization( not main goal)
L.o.N. main goal was peace
U.N. had a security council which investiaged and settled disputes
United Nations flag North Pole
Olive branches symbolize peace "A formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes" United States, Britain, and France VS. Soviet Union and China Form an alliance to gain respect and trust of other countries so they will be on you side when going into war Alliances in the Cold War By Savannah Epstein
Anna Wostenberg
Period 6
4/25/10 Sources Google images
Purple textbook
Green textbook United Nations wanted to provide security Wanted to try and maintain piece League of Nations Main goal was peace in the world Eventually failed Still running today Peace was intentions of both
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