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Anam Khan :)

My Awsome Graph :) Math

Mrs Feeney

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Anam Khan :)


PERIOD 5 The path to Hershey Land Your future starts at Dell I choose Hershey company
because I knew that
Hershey's is a popular
brand and many people
buy products from this
company. Leading to
an increasing stock I choose Dell because
I love computers
and the Dell company.
I also knew they are
an international brand
of computer science.
And this company made
much money

Investing is not a very easy thing to do. Sometimes you have a stock that increases and decrease by time. And investing acquires research, background info and as much knowledge you have acquired from it. I liked many things from this project.
I enjoyed comparing
both stocks and reading the intresting
facts. Such as I did
not know The Hershey comany
supply over 90
million coca beans.
It was all nice to try
out Prezi. Its very new and fun to work this, very unique. This is
a very nice project. I was also nice to see my profit and loss

Hershey’s Makes different kinds

sugary sweets like chocolate baking items and beverages

Markets and sells sugary sweets under over 80 brand names

12,800 employees
basic info Hershey

Milton S. Hershey founder of Hershey
Headquarters located in Hershey, PA
Milton S. Hershey Profit/loss Profit/loss profit/loss HERSHEY!!!! MONEY MONEY fun FaCTs The Hershey Kisses got it’s name because the machine that makes the good makes a smooching sound. 80 million kisses are made each day. 90 million cocoa beans are at the Hershey factory in PA. The Hershey company has an amusement park filled with chocolaty wonders. The first candy bar was born in 1900. A Hershey chocolate bar only cost 5 cent from long ago. Mr. Hershey was unsuccessful in selling his treats, but sooner became an candy icon. Mr. Hershey childhood was he was a poor boy. He saved every penny her earned to buy candy. But he is now very rich. Some employees from the Hershey company went on the Titanic to sell the goods they make!

I have not loss any money from my company.
I have a profit of 1,590.57 dollars! My summary for the Hershey company
is I have made an postive trend over time. It is an increasing stock If I had choice to change anything in my project is probaly my secound company. I choose to change this because i was not able to find as much intresting facts about this comapny. I also didnt make as much money as Hershey comapnay.
Dell INC is a technology company that designs, markets, and support different range of products. The company sells things such as mobility products, laptops, computer, and other software. The company commercials in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The CEO of the company is Paul Bell. The headquarters are located at Round Rock, Texas. There are about 76500 people world wide who work for Dell. About 14000 systems shipped each day. Over 400 products awards. One of the greenest industry. The global headquarters campus is powered 100 % green energy. Michael Dell (founder) built and sold personal computers in his dorm room at the age of 19. Summary
My summary of the company is I have gained a positive trend over time.
I have a profit of 1,276.29 dollars
and lost no money
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