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Glidden At Walmart

A visual representation of Walmart Paint Shopping Segments

John Ryan

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Glidden At Walmart

Walmart GLIDDEN Perception CHEAP ONE STOP SHOP BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AT SEGMENT ONE - On a budget -Not experienced painters - Love DIY Projects and Crafts Go to Walmart because
they know it's affordable and has everything they need Segment 2 Target
Target- Ranges from all age and lifestyles. Many different campaigns featuring different targets
Advertisements to be up to date with sale events as well as the seasons
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogs, Smartphone Apps
Many Partnership
Advertise their exclusive deals & partnerships w/ designers, actors, musicians, etc.

Sherwin- Williams
Targets paint buyers. Trying to target females that are the head of the household
Works with HGTV
Most active through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube. Ace Hardware

Target- Home Improvers, males 25-54
Holiday Sale promotions with in-store promotions, goes for neighborhood appeal.
Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

Benjamin Moore
Attractive, inspirational home décor ideas with pastel colors 
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest.
Target ranges from students to homeowners Lowe’s
Target: Similar Renters to Home owners of any age looking to do projects ranging from DIY to home makeovers to household maintenance.
Partnered with American Express to build a rewards card
High Quality of Paint for anyone
Bright and vibrant color “perfect for young consumer”
Takes great pride in color.
Partnership with Lowe’s Home Depot
-Target: Renters to Home owners of any age looking to do projects ranging from DIY to home makeovers to household maintenance.
Sponsored with ESPN College Gameday.
Campaign- “Great American Fix- Up”
Involved with Smartphone Apps, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed, Youtube, and Skype.


Homeowners who look for great quality in their paint.
Partnership with The Home Depot.
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Flickr Competitors Young Families On A Budget Loyal Walmart Shoppers Segment 3 Older Baby Boomer Poor Perception of Glidden Paint for maintenance
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