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2016 Annual Report

No description

Aaron Marcelli

on 5 December 2016

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Transcript of 2016 Annual Report

Our Mission:
To be a partner in creating a community where all people have the opportunity for
2 16 Annual Report
this year we served 127 people
107 - Whitfield / Murray Counties
20 - Cherokee County (14 new)

36 people added to services
(8 SE, 27 VR, 1 Day Services)

38 Chose to regularly volunteer in their community for a total of almost 900 hours
We benefited from receiving 630 hours from 158 community volunteers.
74 of those were United Way volunteers who contributed almost 250 hours.
A story of Choice: Tommy Slaton
Utilizing the person-centered tool of a Vision Board, Tommy was able to build himself a community team. Since building his team, Tommy is out in the community an additional 3 days a week, doing things he’d only dreamed about – such as riding a ride at the fair. He is in the process of rekindling his relationship with The Boys and Girls Club of Dalton where he had served as a volunteer in the past.
In May, we served as our areas only public host site for the Leadercast conference. We were able to bring community leaders together for some great business and leadership content.
By promoting leadership at all levels of the organization and for all people, those receiving our services were able to be part of sharing their story and the CPCP mission in various and multiple ways:
as part of a tour for Leadership Dalton/Whitfield
through a presence with the Rotary Club
as contributing artists to the downtown Art Park Column project
a featured story in this year's United Way campaign
organized events such as Story-Telling Day
multiple individual awards and recognitions
Leadership plays a part in how we conduct our business and finances, making sure our income statement reflects a focus on our mission
Fiscal Year 2015/2016 Income Statement:
Service Funding $1,127,520
Grants, Donations & Fundraising $175,742
Contracts, Facility Rental & Other $115,331

Program & Community Services $1,167,026
Management & General $204,993
Fundraising $16,297

The Stats:
35 People were added to Supported Employment services
13 Interns graduated through a Project SEARCH program
16 People found new employment
2 Project SEARCH sites were recognized for 100% employment placement

A Story:
Dustin Maxwell applied for an internship in Project SEARCH in 2013 but at the time the program did not match his needs and he entered day services. This lead to opportunities for Dustin to become a regular volunteer at the Salvation Army, Hamilton Medical Center, and with the Little Libraries program. Dustin still wanted a job and with support he continued to look for one that would match his interests and skills. The right fit was not available until this July when Steve Gatlin with Metz Culinary Management pursued a partnership to provide jobs in the kitchen at Dalton State College.

Dustin loves his job as a Steward, where he greets people, cleans the dining area, and assists kitchen staff. This job fits Dustin’s personality and skills to well he’s already been given additional hours. Dustin now enjoys all his job has given him, as well as continuing to receive day services.

CPCP recognized Metz Management at a recent employer luncheon by awarding them the Allies for Inclusion award. This is an award given to a business that is a champion of disability inclusion and works to engage and advance the valuable work CPCP does to support people with disabilities.

The growth and successes of Supported Employment have provided us multiple opportunities to showcase all the valuable work CPCP does for people with Developmental Disabilities.

As we have worked to build community awareness and partnerships, we realize our mission is best on display when those we support are enabled to their story and the small part we play in it.

Below, Bret Wable was able to share his story and explain his job to Georgia Congressman, Representative Bruce Braodrick.
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