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Bubble Guppies!

No description

Stephanie Savvides

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Bubble Guppies!

Mission Statement
The Bubble Guppies Philosophy:
Content & Themes
Program Critique/Educational Value
Has Education Value: Evidenced by topics such as Planets, Animals, etc.
Final Presentation
Jackie, Jordan, & Stephanie
Gil: The Turbo Charged Boy
Molly: The Natural Leader
Deema: The Drama Queen
Nonny: Mr. Cautious
Oona: The Sweetie Pie
Goby: The Make Believer
Mr. Grouper: The Teacher
Bubble Puppy: Their Rambunctious Pet
About the show
The show takes place in an underwater aquarium
-Interactive show
-Incorporates learning, laughter, and music!
30 Minutes Per Episode
A group of preschool classmates learning about their underwater world through adventure.
"Young children are active learners. By tapping into their natural curiosity about people, objects, events, and ideas, we help kids build knowledge."
"It's a child-directed philosophy where children learn through direct experiences and discoveries, while exploring their own interests."
2 Episodes back to back
3D Animation using CGI ("Computer Generated Imagery")
Elephant Song Episode Example
Building Relationships
Problem Solving
Discovering new things
Incorporates Sarcasm
Interactive - Encourages children to answer questions by adding a pause.
"An interactive show that teaches kids about a wide range of topics--from dinosaurs to dentists, rock & roll to recycling, and colors to cowboys."
Our Critique- We all agree, it meets the objectives and has education value
TV Clip
Fun Facts to Consider!
Creators: Jonny Belt & Robert Scull
Bubble Guppies is in it's 3rd season
Show first aired in January 2011
Produced by: Nickelodeon
Animation Studios
To teach kids that learning can be fun before they get to school.
Goals & Objectives
To introduce kids to a classroom setting
To provide entertaining methods for kids to remember information that they learn
Website Resources
Coloring pages
Online games
Party Ideas
Link to the store
Video Clip
"The Intro"
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