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No description

Kristen Adams

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Serving

Serving 101: A Survivor's Guide to Working in the Restaurant Industry Rule #1:
Kiss Ass. Rule #2:
Perfect the grin-and-bear-it method. Rule #3:
Having the mouth of a sailor comes in handy after Rules #1 and #2. Rule #4:
Jaded sarcasm is a must… Rule #5:
...as is an endless supply of obscene and/or offensive jokes. Rule #6:
An ear for gossip, and the ability to spread it without guilt, is an acquired, but entertaining talent. Rule #7:
When in doubt, always blame someone or something other than yourself. Rule #8:
Never, ever, under any circumstance, use the employee bathroom. Rule #9:
There's a good chance that you'll become bored at some point in your shift. Harass your coworkers for entertainment. Be prepared for reciprocated harassment. Rule #10:
A strong liver is an absolute necessity. Alcohol is the server's go-to recovery after a 12-hour shift filled with Rules 1-9.
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