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The power of storytelling.

Moran Kim

on 13 June 2012

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Transcript of frontier

Crazy!! You need us and this App. TECHNIQUE:
Frameworks & Metaphors How to handle complexity? TECHNIQUE:
Scenario & Storyboard Homework still counts :-) Storyboard
by using mindmapping www.corporatestoryteller.be reativity Good? 0h, Boy... If you said "good"... Sigh** Look!!
How do you feel? Much Better? No!! So Much Better!! How We Are Adorable!! We will care you! 611 Wilshire blvd. Suite 311 , CA 90017 USA LA New Jersey e ork Internship
Joint forces Acquisition Learn Introduce Partnership Technical Strategic Smart Phone APPLICATION! in Image consult business About Business
Business Progess
Technical Progess Advanced
Technologies Advanced
Image Consulting Business We will SEE Methodologies for Picking up
Attractive Goods Opportunity for doing
Personal shopping Business Various goods We will Understand Abroad large scale of
distribution channel We will Experience Advanced broad- Consumer Market We will Find the way of cooperation! In this AREA!!! GSM Logistics Inc. & Disys America Inc. in consequence of our project it will be conerstone of our Business We could Grow like this! UP! UP! UP! UP! Enhance Hansung- University's position We could get a job by this project We'll be a hope! to every student who want to start business! We are ready to go to State!!!!! WHY U.S. ?
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