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No description

anto caicedo

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of detergent

detergent aim: to find out which detergent help us live
a better life a biodegradable detergent or a chemical detergent. hypothesis : if we compare
chemical detergent with a
biodegradable then the chemical
detergent will remove faster
an more eficient the stain. biodegradable detergent , ingredients:
sodium percarbonated
sodium carbonated

did you now that...

chemical detergents are NOT environmentally
friendly, damages the ecosystems and also the
using chemical detergent can cause allergies, asthma,
skin and eye irritation, also increase the risk of some
certain cancers. most of the detergents don't list all the ingredients ,because it is
not required by the law. Optica Brighteners
Cationic Surfactants
Polyacrylates chemical detergent ingredients
did you now that...

-biodegradable detergent is a lot more expensive than the chemical detergent.
-biodegradable detergent is hard to find in the stores.
-to remove the stains with biodegradable detergents you need to use more number of washes and more ater than chemical detergent.
we proved our hypothesis because at the end of the experiment our chemical detergent fully removed the stains. However, comparing the characteristics of both detergents we found out that , the ingredients of the chemical detergent are dangerous to human health , environment, and it contaminates water . The best detergent would be a combianation of the advantages of both detergents.
biodegradable detergent brand
=oxo brite
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