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POST VATICAN II (Church in the Philippines)

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Tricia Laurise

on 12 July 2015

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Transcript of POST VATICAN II (Church in the Philippines)

POST VATICAN II (Church in the Phillipines)
It all started on...
January 20 to February 17,1991.
Bishops, clergy and laity gathered for the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines or PCP II
What happened?
PCP II produced its own documents, proposing ways of how we, the present generation of Filipino Christians, should move toward renewing our FAITH LIFE in such way that we can live the full life of the Gospel
What happened?
the bishops declared:"The four week Council, we are now concluding must in God's grace be another Pentecost:Christ's Spirit descending on us His people; and we, His people, going forth in-spirited to renew the face of the world
Vision of a renewed Church:
Community of Disciples, living in Communion and participating in the Mission of Christ as a prophetic, priestly and kingly people and as the Church of the the Poor
Ten years later...
on January 2001, the Church reviewed how far the implementation of PCP II has actually been carried out, and renewed its dedication by focusing on specific pastoral priorities
Successes and Failures
-The Long-Term Trend
-The Division of Christianity
-Material Success
-Cultural Superiority
the Holy Spirit reunites what sin and folly of men and women have divided
2000 years of Christianity and the Church is fully alive and dynamic as in the early days and continuing its journey toward fullness in the Kingdom
Always remember that...
The Church is both human and divine. We should continue to fervently pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide, strengthen, and renew the Catholic Church.
Don't forget to PRAY.
God Bless!
How are you today?
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