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My Role Model: Zoe Sugg

No description

Gaby Puleston-Vaudrey

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of My Role Model: Zoe Sugg

My Role Model:
Speaking Out About Anxiety
Just Say Yes
Zoe Sugg
by Gaby P-V
"You are like the car in the street, who's alarm goes off with the smallest gust of wind, whereas all the other cars, take a good beating before their alarms go off",
"Imagine that your brain is filled with hundreds of filing cabinets full of different information. You have memories, things you've learnt..etc. Well, there is this one filing cabinet that stores every panic attack you have. Where you had it, what happened, who you were with, what you were doing, what you were eating, what you were drinking, everything. When you re-enter the same place, with the same people, or do the same thing, that cabinet unlocks, and releases the same adrenaline, and the same emotion. My brain thinks it's protecting me, by making me "Fight or flight" in the same situation"
"You can do it no matter how you feel. I am proud of you. Tell me what you need now. Breathe slow and low. Stay in the present. It's not the place that's bothering you, it's the thought. I know that what you are feeling is painful, but it's not dangerous. You are courageous. Remember that panic attacks only last a maximum of 20 minutes"
You get ONE life (unless of course you are a feline), one chance to do anything and everything you want. Do not let something like this control your decisions or ruin experiences for you. The same goes for people. Don't let people ruin things for you, or control your behaviors or your life choices.

It's YOUR life. Share it with others but don't let anyone, or anything take over the control you have.

Say YES. Make it your mission, to do things you'd never normally do, go places you'd never normally go, meet people you'd never normally meet. How can you make memories, and take new paths in life if you turn everything down?

"Do one thing everyday that scares you".
NCS (the National Citizen service) provide an opportunity for all 16 and 17 year olds to take part in a range of outdoor activities. Participants then return home and take on community projects.

It works on team building and leadership.

It can be put onto your CV and participants receive a certificate signed by the prime minister when they graduate.

It can lead to other opportunities such as joining the ICS.

The cost is minimal and bursaries are available, so it is available to everyone who is the right age.

It builds up people's confidence and helps them to form new friendships.

Body Confidence
Why is Zoe Sugg my role model?
She speaks out about a wide range of issues that are often not spoken about.
She openly shares her personal experiences to help and educate others.
These issues are relevant to a variety of people, including myself.
She reassures others that being different is ok.
She has a positive outlook on life and doesn't give in to her anxiety.
She supports a group that makes opportunities for young people.
She is kind and supportive.
She doesn't count on others to solve her problems for her.
I hope you enjoyed it!
'Welcome to NCS. It all starts with yes.'
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