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Apple Mint

No description

Year3 Academy

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Apple Mint

Apple mint
Orlando ,Joohi ,Yannis , Elijah and Fathia
Our ingredient
Chocolate, sugar, milk ,mint and strawberry.
How much does the chocolate cost
our chocolate will cost £3for 6 chocolate's.
What the design of the wrapper
the wrapper is going to be red with strippes and sparkly as crystals.

Contniue recipe
- Secondly mix the ingredients. -Then take your mould and pour it in the chocolate mould.
-Then put it refridgerator to set then take a massive piece and enjoy.
Why our chocolate is the best.
Our chocolate is the best because it have a nice creamy taste and you would'nt want anyone else's chocolate but ours
-First get a saucepan and put boiling water
in it.
-Take your chocolate and another bowl and break up your chocolate and place in the bowl.
-Next take a spoon and stir the chocolate .
-Chop the mint and add it to the mixture.
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