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No description

Christopher Worden

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Si-cology

By: Silas Robertson
Si is the star of this book, jack! Hey, he is also in duck Dynasty.
Phil is Happy Happy Happy, he is the duck commander. He is also Si's older brother.
Christine is Si's wife
Scott is Si's son he is now in his forties
Trasa is Si's daughter she was born in Germany and is older than Scott

Si's Quotes.
Hey, Jack
My hands are like ice trickles
Hey, my eyes are forty/twenty sight, jack!
Hey, napping is just like hunting, walking around the warehouse find a spot and BOOM I am asleep

Hey, this book is all about Silas Merrit Robertson. This is about his life story and his words of wisdom. Did you know 95% of Si's stories are true? Did you also know that Si stars in 2 A and E
TV shows, Duck commander and Duck dynasty!?
One of Si's Quotes

Hello, today I am going to present my book talk. For my book talk I chose "Si-cology", this was and still is a really good book.
This book is all about Silas Merrit Robertson. Please enjoy this Intrduction Video
Louisiana- is where Si and his other siblings grew up. This is also where "duck dynasty" takes place
Vietnam- this setting takes place in the second half of the book this is where Silas went after his first year of college
Germany- Si moved to Germany because of a transfer in the military
T-S: Me and Si both hunt and fish.
T-L: Si-cology is based on Si from "Duck Dynasty" and "Duck Commander"
T-T: This book is similar to "Duck Commander" and "Happy Happy Happy"

I recommend this book to anybody who is a Duck Dynasty Viewer or has read any of the other books. I also recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Si's stories that are 95% true!

Thank you for watching and listening to my presentation, of Si-cology. If you have any questions about my book please ask now.
Now we will watch the conclusion Video! And the Animoto Video:
Chapter: Black Market
Page(s): 128
I chose this paasage because if you watch duck dynasty you'd know about Si's "Tiger" story the.

Chapter: C is always the best answer
Page(s): 77-78
I also chose this paasage bacause I was surprised when I read this. It shows that Si is also "smart"!
My Opinion

My opinion on this book is positive. I really loved this book from the moment I opened it to the moment I closed it. If I had to rate this book I would give it 95% because some of it wasn't as good as other parts in the book. The genre of this book is Non-fiction
About the Author

This author is also the main Character in this book. There are no other books written by this author, but there are other books written by some of his Family; "Duck Commander" , "Happy Happy Happy" and "Miss Kay's Kitchen"
I chose this video because it shows how crazy Si truly is.
My book talk

Other books similar to Si-cology

The Duck Commander family is about…
Willie and Korie’s life
The business of Duck Commander
And Words of wisdom

The Duck commander Family

Happy, Happy, Happy is about…
The duck Commander’s Life and Story
Words of wisdom

Happy, Happy, Happy

Mrs. Kay’s kitchen is about…
Mrs. Kay’s Recipes
Stories about her life
Little about Phil Robertson

Mrs. Kay’s Kitchen
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