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Carlton Family Child Care (:

No description

Amanda Boyd

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Carlton Family Child Care (:

Carlton Family Child Care (: Employability Skills Needed:

1. You have to ORGANIZED!
2. You must be patient-remember you're working with age groups ranging from newborn up to 15 years old.
3. On time-if you're off schedule, so are the kids.
4. Flexibility-if a customer runs into a situation that he/she has to run to work, you have to be able to confide to their needs!

Average Salary:
$38,000 Education needed:
finish high school and obtain your diploma or get your GED. You also MUST have your DCF certification, First Aid and CPR training, 10 hours of continual and learning per year and 30 hours of family child care training.
Would you pursue a career with this company?
Yes, because I absolutely LOVE kids and the comapany is well put together and organized.
This company will most likely be in the same position as it is now, but of course since the economy is rough and jobs are harder to find, more people will be out of work and won't be as likely to afford child care. Purpose of the Company:
The purpose of this company is so that working and/or single parents have a place to send their kids during working hours.
Technology used:
Educational gaming stystems
like Leapfrog, ect. Skills Needed:
needs to have a strong commitment to children and families and knowledge of child development, nutrition, organization skills and basic understanding of business management. Likes:
Hecticness (at times)
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