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The Swiss Family Robinsion

No description

Gavin Fredrickson

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of The Swiss Family Robinsion

This is Captin Littlestones
ship the Unicorn. This also the ship that brought Fritz and Franz to Europe. This is the Tub-boat we
used to get ashore.
It helped us in trasporting
our goods to shore. Our loyal dogs Turk and Juno.
Who have helped with many of
our excursions. Here is our little monkey Knips.
He helped us find many roots
for eating. Here is our island
New Switzerland. This is Fritz's falcon Pounce. Here is our first home Falconhurst.
Which now is our summer home. Here is Ernests jackal Fangs Fritz's cajack Jack's ostrich Hurricane Our lovely house Rockburg Our store house in Rockburg. I felt sad when Fritz and Franz left for Switerland. Rockburg helped protect us from the elements in the rainy season.
We were content with
our life on our island.
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