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Factors that affect Architecture

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Chloe Mercado

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Factors that affect Architecture

It is important to consider the climate of a place that the architect will use for his construction site.
Location is also important. To know where to put up the structure will help your design be functional and anticipate problems that will occur.
The type of terrain can also affect the design of the architect and the engineer. That's why it is highly advisable to study the terrain and adapt the design to it surroundings.
The type of religion a country is influenced by affects the type of structure being built.
Factors that affect Architecture
Chloe Mercado DFR2A
Factors/ Aspects:
--> Building Materials
--> Construction System
When Building structures, it is important to consider how, when, where, and why people do things. We must understand and learn their lifestyle in order to merge the culture with the structure.
As Buildings grow more complex the technology grows more and more sophisticated to improve the structure.
In the U.S.A they have cold seasons, so they use fiberglass insulation in their walls to keep in the warmth.
Building Materials & Construction System
Materials and systems used compared to ancient times has gotten more sophisticated because of the more complex designs. And innovation of today's standards are really high, in order to meet those standards the materials and construction system must be improved greatly to satisfy them.
Building a resort on the beach.
In Ancient Greece, they had a strong belief in their gods and goddesses, that's why their most monumental and grand buildings are their temples.
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