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pbs prezi


Sally McAllister

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of pbs prezi

Double click anywhere & add an idea What is Positive Behavior Supports? FOCUSING QUESTION: Why does the environment affect how we behave? Presentation Expectations Honor each other's time. Actively listen. Interact Professionally. What is PBS? TRADITIONAL BEHAVIOR THEORY
Views student misbehavior as inherent to the child
Seeks to diagnose the internal flaw (intellectual, neurological, psychological, emotional, moral)
Is reactive - waits until the behavior is displayed
Attempts to squash inappropriate behaviors
Relies on specialists and alternative settings
Often results in rigid, punitive environments
Objective: Control Objective: Self Management CHANGING BEHAVIORS is HARD WORK
staff behavior
student behavior
and parent behavior BEHAVIOR MATRIX
Expected behaviors posted
Concrete and "doable" In simple terms: BENEFITS OF PBS / Well Managed Classroom Training
improve school climate
reduce referral/suspension rates
increase attendance rates
increase achievement CREDITS:
Johns and Patrick
The Well-Managed Classroom, Boys Town CLASSROOM SETTING
positive expectations taught and encouraged-POSTED
routines taught and encourgaged
ratio of 6-8 positive to 1 negative adult-student interaction
adult supervision
redirections for minor, infrequent behavior errors
frequent precorrections for chronic errors
effective academic instruction and curriculum NONCLASSROOM SETTING
positive expectations and routines taught and encouraged - POSTED
active supervision by all staff -scan, move, interact
precorrections and reminders
positive reinforcement OBJECTIVES FOR RAFT Tickets :
To maintain consistency among all adults in the building when monitoring student behavior.
To maintain consistant expectations for student behaviors
To reward students who meet behavior expectations Major Infractions: Office Referrals
Unsafe Behavior
Harassment - verbal, emotional and or physical Credits
Johns and Patrick
Well Managed Classroom - Boys Town
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