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No description

Mica Ostulano

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Hotels

Hotel Introduction
* Overview/History
* Associations
* Companies
* Organizational Structures
* Employment
* Activity
* Closing Statement/Fun Facts
Mica Ostulano
Max Evans
Celtin H-Jones
Morgan Gulliver
Jason Graffagnino



Organizational Structures
Franchise vs. Corporation.
Different branches.
Who reports to whom?
Trivia Time !

Were you listening?
Poll Time
Text your answer code to 22333
Major Companies
Which hotel has a Nickelodeon theme?

Holiday Inn


Which hotel was the very first brownie invented?


Town Place Suites

Motel 6
What is the purpose of hotel associations?
Keep up to date with current events & help provide a better experience.
Help hire & fire employees.
Overrun the entire business.
Find celebrities to stay at their location.

Which hotel made the Forbes best 100 companies list?

Holiday Inn

Town Place Suites

What century did inns begin to serve food?




What is an examples of the Guestroom 20X innovation?
Massage beds

Tinted windows

Mood changing artwork

Robot maid
Which is not an employee program established by the Kimpton Hotel?
Trainee Program

Leadership Program

Mentor Program

Executive Program
When was the International Hotel & Restaurant Association founded?
Franchise vs. Corporation

*The right or license granted by a company to an individual or group to market its products or services in a specific territory.
*A company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.
Kimpton Hotels
Executive Team
* VP
* Financial Officer
*Investment Officer
Aquisitions & Development
* North East
* Mid West
* South
* South East
* West Coast
Construction & Design
* President of Hotel Development & Design
* VP Construction
* VP Hotel Development & Design

People & Culture
* VP of People & Culture
Sales & Marketing
* VP of Sales, Catering, Inspiration, & Creativity
* VP of Marketing
* VP Digital Marketing
* VP Communications
* VP National Sales
Holiday Inn ( IHG)
Executive Team
* Chief Executive- China
Asia, Middle East, Africa
* Chief Financial Officer
* President- Americas
* Executive VP & Group Operations
* Senior Independent non-executive director
* Non-Executive directors
Regional Team

* Chief Executive
*VP & Financial Officer
* Chief Development Officer
* Senior VP & HR
* Chief Commercial
* Global Tech VP
Brand Management
* Senior VP of Strategic Portfolio & Marketing
* VP of IC Brand Management
* VP of Extended Stay
* VP of Hotel Indigo
* VP Holiday Inn
Town Place Suites
Executive Team
* Chairman & Executive Chief Officer
* President
* VP
Franchise Management Team
Hotel Management
* Operations Manager
* General Manager
* Restaurant Manager
* Finance Director
* Banquet Director
Heart of the House
* Matinence & Engineering
* Kitchen Staff
* Housekeeping
* Security & IT
Front of the House
* Front office/ Front desk
* Valet
* Restaurant
* Concierge
* Spa/ Recreational
Employment in hotels
Kimpton hotel
Holiday inn
Homeplace suites
Career development
Kimpton university
Kimpton University offers courses for employees to expand their knowledge about hotel and restaurant operations as well as our distinctive culture.
Mentor program
Encouragement and Recognition.
Leadership Program
1. Leadership development

2. Personal growth training "
No other organization in the world has made this kind of commitment, and it shows"
3. kimpton leadership academy"
The work encourages different leadership styles, homing in on what works and what doesn't within the Kimpton culture".
4. Training our trainers"
Our particular approach transforms potential conflicts into creative opportunities that build a sense of partnership rather than a win-lose outcome".
Management trainee Program
through the program, which includes mentoring from other managers, the trainee learns Kimpton's distinctive approach to hotel and restaurant management from the inside out.
Kimpton hotel
TownPlace Suites
Holiday Inn
Kimpton Hotels
Do the right thing
We always do what we believe is right and have the courage and conviction to put it into practice, even when it might be easier not to.
show we care
We want to be the company that understands people’s needs better than anyone else in our industry. This means being sensitive to others, noticing the things that matter and taking responsibility for getting things right
Aim Higher
We aim to be acknowledged leaders in our industry, so we have built a team of talented people who have a real will to win. We strive for success and value individuals who are always looking for a better way to do things.
Celebrate Difference
it’s the knowledge of our people that really brings our brands to life. While other companies may want to impose a rigid, uniform view of the world, we do not. Our global strength comes from celebrating local differences whilst understanding that some things should be kept the same.
Work better together
When we work together we are stronger. We’re at our best when we collaborate to form a powerful, winning team. We listen to each other and combine our expertise to create a strong, focused and trusted group of people.
Holiday inn
Winning ways
Winning Ways provide a strong sense of shared purpose, and are critical to driving our business performance forward, as well as making us a great, enjoyable place to work.
Front desk
Bell person

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Who reports to whom?
The level of managment varies, depending on the size of the hotel.
Titles may vary based on reigon.
Chain of command; links.
Executive Committee
Front Office Manager

Assistant Office Manager

Front Office Supervisor

Front Office Employees
owns 3700 properties in 74 countires and territories worldwide.
recipient of many service awards including the JD Power Award for their Townplace Suites brand

Hospitality Financial and Thecnology Profesionals

What do they do: HFTP's mission has been to provide members with superior networking opportunities, industry-leading events, comprehensive certification programs, unique educational opportunities, and other essential resources for professional growth
They announce new hotels being built current events related to the industry.
Encourage a strong technology involved staff by presenting awards for high test scores on special exams with the CHTP and accountants with CHAP
Help hotels meet their gusts needs and desires.

2013 Leadership Summit is a special event held each year to provide HFTP's volunteer leaders and members the tools they need to succeed.

Social Media 101 - Instucts manager how to promote their buisness usng new technology

GUESTROOM 20X - New inovative ways to improve a guests experience.
Hilton, Courtyard Marriott, Hyatt
The American Hotel and lodging Association
International Hotel and Restaurant Association
AH&LA provides members with national advocacy on Capitol Hill, public relations and image management, education, research and information, and other value-added services to provide bottom line savings and ensure a positive business climate for the lodging industry.
Resources are available to help you attract new talent to the lodging industry and demonstrate its vast impact on the economy.
Volunteer opportunities are available exclusively for AH&LA members. Positions span a wide range of interests and committment levels, and are a great way to do something good for yourself and the industry.
Women In Lodging is a community open to all members that offers resources, networking, and education designed to ensure women have the same professional opportunities as their male counterparts. With two thirds of all hospitality management positions held by men, this segment is in need of everyone’s attention.

The AH&LA board consists of 83 members. In addition, the following organizations are non-voting members, but important advisors to the AH&LA board: Hospitality Financial & Technical Professionals (HFTP), Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI), International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC), International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA), and the National Restaurant Association (NRA).
• Founded in 1946, the International Hotel and Restaurant Association lobbies and monitors all international agencies on behalf of the industry.
onitor international issues involved with the industry, represent members before policy makers, lobby for worldwide industry recognition, Programs to benefit industry, Global councils to solve issues keep members involved with relevant issues.
Hilton, Marriott, Safir Internationale Hotels
IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group)
owns 4,600 hotels in over 100 countires across the globe
Operates the JD Power award winning Holiday Inn brand
traces its history back to the first Bass Brewery in 1777
Kimpton Hotels
boutique hotel model
upscale restaurants with Chef driven menus
each property is a unique design concept and differs in level of luxury
over 50 hotels in 26 cities across United States
Hotel Monaco common is most cities where Kimpton operates
Townplace Suites
extended stay concept
offers studio as well as 1, 2, & 3 bedroom suites complete with seperate kitchen and living area
In the Lobby: 24 hour quick mart, "Townemap" showing nearby locations, on site laundry facilities
In the room: Home Office Suites with ergonomic workspace, Paul Mitchell products, pet friendly
Also, free breakfast daily and fitness center/pool
invest personally and professionally. Our leadership programs are self-driven and designed for high achievers who are passionate about leadership in our culture. These employees embark on a journey that provides required knowledge about operations, the company culture, and guidelines on building a successful career with Kimpton).
Townplace suites
At Marriott, we know our guests will feel at home when we feel at home. We deliver our spirit of hospitality each and every day in an environment of teamwork and collaboration.
Front of the house
Start your day with warm hellos. Welcome and assist our guests at hotels and resorts in one of hundreds of beautiful cities and popular destinations.
Heart of the house
teamwork is more than what we do, it’s why we come to work. Our associates experience the pride of accomplishment and the feeling of family that comes from working together.
Hotel management
Whether you’re a seasoned professional, entering the job market for the first time, or returning to the workforce, Marriott offers opportunities to inspire, mentor and achieve.
Rewarding careers
Since the founding in 1927, Marriott has been known for a culture that puts people first. Working at Marriott opens up a world of experiences, benefits and career paths.
Pay and benefits
Growth opportunities

Health Benefits
Kimpton offers competitive health insurance packages. Because our employees work hard and care deeply about what they do, we believe they deserve to have benefits that give them and their loved ones a sense of comfort.
1 Bedroom Floorplan
TownPlace Suites Living and kitchen area
What is the purpose of hotel associations?
Who was the first to make hotels luxurious?
Native American
Which hotel company followed "winning ways" ?



Holiday Inn
Hotels In General
Were a major development in the hospitality industry. Have been around long before America and continue to grow each year.
More History!!!!
Guest Is Always Right
Social media has allowed guests to stay in top notch places and the more people who connected and the more technology grew so did guest needs. So hotels made it their goal to find more ways to spoil their customers.
free hosted wine hour from 5-6PM daily featuring sustainably sourced wines
well known fine dining establishments (Panzano)
pet friendly
personalized service
"forgot it? We've got it!"
Kid friendly services including accredited baby-sitting and "guppy love" program
Holiday Inn
midscale full service hotel
on-site hotels and bars
kids stay and eat free
fitness center and pool
free wifi
certain locations have waterparks and Holidomes (larger pools with water slides)
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